When Chat Rooms Go Wrong

I was wondering what would happen if a chat room malfunctioned somehow and people would post to other chat rooms by mistake. Does that make sense? I know, I know, I'm such a wordsmith. Here goes...

Please bear with us (I originally wrote, "bare with me" and realized that that was an invitation to undress and totally inappropriate here) as we try to fix a glitch in our software. If your comment shows up in the wrong chat room, don't complain. We're working on it!!

Welcome to the knitting chat room, already in progress...

craftynana: Yes, I prefer to use a thicker yarn for those kinds of projects. 

scrappingqueen: I've never heard of anyone doing that! How do you avoid knots?

jihad596: @kahlid69-I too pray for the day that the streets are bathed in the blood of the infidels! Praise be to Allah!

craftynana: I think you're in the wrong chat room.

jihad596: This isn't, "Mostly Mujahdeen"?

scrappingqueen: No! It's a knitting room.

do_n_yo_mom: Does anybody have the new XBox 360?

jihad596: This is a knitting chat room you capitalist pig! 
btw, XBox sux, PlayStation is the only way to go. 

craftynana: Get out of our chat room!! 

buster_cherry: @oliver_closeoff- I'm telling you. NEVER let a girl order her food. Make the choice for her. Chicks love that shit! 

jihad596: @crafty-Would you use a #5 or #6 needle with that thicker yarn? One of my wives wants to know, for sure not I. Allah be praised! He will give us victory!
@buster-You are so right!

craftynana: I'd go for the #5.

oliver_closeoff: @crafty and jihad-You're crazy! Use the #6 jihad.

jihad596: It's not for me, but I'll tell my wife. BTW, blessed be the fruit of jihad.

oprah_rulz: Has anyone read Oprah's new book club selection, "Night" by Eli Weisel?

craftynana: Yes, I read it. Get your hanky out. You'll need it! Excellent book.

jihad596: Of course you fall for Oprah's zionist propaganda! She and all your American media have manifested themselves as nothing but tools of the colonialist empires! 

do_n_yo_mom: Dude! How do you get more than one wife?!
btw, he said, "tool" :)



TheFLy said...

haha, where were you chatting at and why wasnt I there, haha.

I hear knitting is what the terrorists are going to attack next. I think it may be due to this software problem. Protect our Yarn!!!

Chris Wood said...

If we can only interest the terrorists in knitting - there's a solution. I'd ring the Pentagon if I were you.

Very funny post.

Don said...

I'm only concerned about getting locked in a chat room with more unsavory characters.

Kirsten said...

@thefly-Exactly! They know we won't suspect yarn!! Spread the word!

@chris-I'm converting Al Queda to knitting one jihad596 at a time!

@don-Me too! This is just the tip of the iceberg

Tommy Buettner said...

Stop, ok, just STOP!!!!

You had me a "thicker yarn".

Athena said...

Terrorists, tools and knitters? Who knew they could have so much in common. World peace seems more attainable now!

Chat Blanc said...

yeah, that's pretty much the world in NUTTY shell! ;)

Harris said...

hey kirsten,

is this your way of telling us that you knit?

it's not your fault...it's not your fault....it's not your fault..

rock on,


Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

No need to worry. I suspect the Bush administration was tapping in on the whole conversation.

Hilarious post!

Anonymous said...

I know! Jihad was in there because he is a closeted homosexual who uses knitting tools to stab his unsuspecting male garments. Your such a spy!

Kirsten said...

@tommy-I was hoping that I would make you shoot coffee out your nose!

@athena-Yes, we are all more similar than we think!

@Sandy-You said it!!

@harris-Sir!! I most certainly do NOT knit! I actually had to do some research on knitting for this article. :)

@prefers-I more worried that Al Qaeda is on to me!

@kitty-I'm really on to something, aren't I?

Heinous said...

This is hilarious! Now if we could figure out a way to do and sit back and watch.

Kirsten said...

@heinous-That would be a lot easier!! :)

MommyTime said...

So THAT'S why we aren't allowed to take our knitting needles along to keep us busy on long flights anymore. I wondered about that...

Thanks for the comment at my place from Blog Nosh! It's always nice to have new visitors.

Anonymous said...

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