Caption This, Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas to all! May the spirit of the season be with everyone!


Mom Likes Ed Best

And now, for the honorable mention captions for this lovely picture. We had some great ones this week. I would like to thank all of you for being able to laugh at this man's misfortune along with me. Now I don't feel so bad! Anyeay, here goes...

Lola with
I thought Red Bull was supposed to give you wings?

I guess not so much when you drink it in too many Jager Bombs.

Jeremy from We Took the Bait with
Motor vehicle accidents account for over 5000 fatalities among college students each year.

Attempting to navigate stairs after multiple rounds of beer pong claims one victim each year.

This is Tyler....

Mooooog35 with
Jimmy always let people walk all over him.
Bill's Bayou with
On the "Ladder of Success", Timmy only made it as high as "Drug Trial Participant."
and, I'm going to hell for this one...
Six more grandchildren and Maw Maw will have the wheelchair ramp she needs.

Anonymous with
Sean entered a six step program but sadly only made it to the second step.
This week's winner is Ed Adams with the simple, yet hilarious:
Who moved the fucking caution cone again?!?!


Caption This!


Pikachu?! I hardly knew u!

I don't know why, but for some reason, this photo is one of my favorites. I knew you guys would come up with some good captions, so here are a few honorable mentions:

Reforming Geek with
"And this little piggy cried wee, wee, wee, all the way home"
Bill's Bayou with
"Gays Know Fashion"

Another stereotype smashed.
After losing the last Pikachu doll, David anchors them on the outside with pink fur-lined handcuffs.

Tbis week's winner is the always funny mooooog35 with
Investigators could not decide which was worse: The kidnapping of Pikachu itself, or the ransom photo they received.


Caption This...

I saw this picture and knew that my comic genius readers could come up with nothing but brilliance for this picture...


Still WTF?!

Let's get started with some honorable mentions for the caption this contest.

moooooooog35 with
Linda thought something completely different when Ed told her that 'dessert was on him.'
Funnyrunner with
Sadly, Bob's experiment with bird poop as a salve went terribly awry...
Mrsblogsalot with
I swear the real banana's here someplace
Lola with
Fred wanted to make himself more a'peelin' to his wife so he decided to make himself a banana split. (Don't ask where the cherry and nuts are.)
nonamedufus with
Hector wasn't sure, but he was beginning to think the tip he left the waitress might not have been big enough.
Nooter with
moooooog35 submits his application and photo, hoping to become the new president of the bananarama fan club
mooooooog35 with
If covering yourself with cream cheese and banana chips after shaving your head while sitting in flip flops is wrong, I don't wanna be right.
And the winner of the Mom Likes Me Best Award this week is FreakSmack with
"Thanks to the new bananna and yogurt shingles treatment by RONCO, I no longer have to be a shut in, for fear of being embarrased by my unsightly sores and blisters. THANKS RONCO!".



This should be good. I dare you to make me laugh with your caption!


Sorry, Baby Seals Are People Too!

We had some good captions this week for the bear picture. I can't find it on my computer, so scroll your lazy ass down a little and see what picture I'm talking about.

Back? Good, now let's separate the men from the boys. Honorable mentions:

Moooog35 with
..and many years later as she gave yet another motivational speech, William would wait until the time was right, just right, to exact his revenge on an unsuspecting Goldilocks.
Nooter with
patty the polar bear waited for the chance to show off her 'baby harp seal squares' at the thirty-second annual lady-quilters auxiliary convention and brunch in nome alaska
nonamedufus with
Betty had obviously made a mistake. Instead of the women's workshop on Global Warming, she'd mistakenly stumbled upon the forum on Hot Flashes.
And I had to give it to Bill's Bayou again for
The vote to legalize eating baby seals was defeated with only one vote in favor of the measure.