About ME

I guess I should tell you a little about myself. I am a stay at home mom of two great kids. They are seven and four. I am 39 by the way. I live in Orange County, California. I am very rare in that I don't have large, fake boobs. It seems to be a requirement here.  With a C cup, people look upon me with pity at my teenage boy physique. I also don't tan well, so I guess they think I must be some sort of teenage, goth boy. Other than that, I'm "tot cool". ("totally cool" in text) 
Do people say cool any more. I think the word is "sick", but I can't say that with a straight face. 

No more mom jeans!!!

I am a stay at home mom hoping to keep the mom jeans away as long as I can! It would be so easy to not care about fashion and trends and join the ranks of the mom jeans wearing masses. With this blog I hope to get tips and suggestions from my reader(s) so I can feel like a somewhat stylish and believe-it-or not attractive woman. Being a mom is great, but I have another side too, and that side is not ready for the mumu housecoat yet. 
I welcome any suggestions to get me started! Trust me. My friends are trying to help and I will keep you updated on their failures and successes! Pictures might be good too!