This Should be Beary Easy

It's time to caption this...


Mom Likes Bill Best, Again...

Thanks to everyone for some great captions this week! Here's the picture and some honorable mentions:

God with
Even though the crafty prostitute left Dave simmering in a dirty hotel bathroom soaking in ice without a kidney or liver or some other important internal organ, he was bound and determined to attend the tailgate party.

Mooog35 with
The line outside Walmart's first 'job fair.'
Once again, more evidence as to why the North won the war.

SplitRock Dozer with
Thats the last time I let Roger put "his stuff" in my cooler.

There were some great ones, but I have to give it to Bill's Bayou this week for the HIGHlarious
Ok. Who took a Schlitz in my ice chest?


Caption This Nascar Fan for Fun and Prizes!


Who Knew Axl Was the Black Sheep of the Family?

Thanks to all my funny peeps for captioning this fine picture for me!

Let's get things started with a couple of honorable mentions:

Bill's Bayou had a nice dig with
Kirsten couldn't put her finger on it, but something made her feel that she was adopted.
Yes, I did get a bad batch of Viagra once. Why do you ask.
The Old Silly with
Behind his cheesy smile, Mr. Flannigan bemoaned the harsh reality that half of these kids were not his. But her family has money, so what the hell if she diddles the butler?
Nooter with
"dress up in your halloween costume" his brothers said. "we'll all do it for the family portrait" they said.

a young ashton kutcher vowed that day to never get punk'd again.
Travelbug Mom with
"ya know Dick, if you would just get me a bigger washing machine maybe I'd be able to have everything clean in time!"....but we all thank you for bringing home the vodka!
nonamedufus almost won with
Even at an early age, Tina Yothers' parents knew she was going to be a handful, despite her family ties.
After all, making fun of Tina Yothers never gets old.

However, the winner of this week's Mom Likes Me Best Award goes to

Danica with
After his parents believed that they could re-create the Von Trapp family, Axl Rose had a different perspective on the "Sound of Music".
Making fun of Axl doesn't get old either.


Caption this Family

I can't wait to hear some creative captions for this pic!


Show of Your Dixie Dukes!!

Better late than never! Let's get down to some honorable mentions in the Mom Likes Me Best Caption Contest.

First of all, Kerrie made me laugh with
"X" marks the spot!
But then Lola really made me laugh with
"X" doesn't mark the spot.
Some more good ones include:
Haley with
Billy Ray then yelled to Bubba, "Lookie here boy - standing next to mah sisters a makin mah south rise agin!
Me-Me King with
Look away, Look away
Look away, Dixieland.
Staci with
In an effort to impress Bubba, who swore that the South would one day rise again, Bobbie Jean cut up a Dixie flag, tied it to her body, and watched proudly as it rose down south. It wasn't until after she posed for the picture did Bubba finally explain that the south he was talking about was not the one below her navel.
Bill's Bayou had some great ones, including:
Bubba Joe went to match.com and got what he wanted after entering "Racist Mufffin Top Camel Toe FUPA"
Winner of the 2009 "Miss Wish I Was Blind In Tennessee" competition
The last thing Bill remembers is Kirsten asking "Does this outfit make my butt look big?"
Sadly, Bubba's catch was well over the size limit and he had to throw it back.
Laugh if you must, but I wonder how many of you women would look this good after giving birth to 14 of your cousin's kids.

I had to go with Bill's Bayou and Nooter for a double win today because Bill had so many good ones and Nooter had this one and they both really made me LOL. Even though they went against the rules and mentioned me! Anyway, here they are...
Kirsten is tempting me. Must not mention Kirsten's name with respect to this photo. Put down the coffee and step away from the keyboard. Kirsten's payback is a bitch. Do not think "Kirsten" when looking at cellulite.
and Nooter with
clearly this is not kirsten and she is not standing with her cousin/fiance and that is not her wedding dress and this was not the happiest day of her life.


A Full Length Mirror Could Be a Good Investment

I can't wait to see what you guys come up for this classy picture!


Funny Cat Lady...

Sorry it has been taking me so long to post my winners every week! I really appreciate everyone who participates.

I have noticed a trend lately. I would like to thank YOU Nooter and YOU Bill's Bayou for making this personal with:
kirstens prom photo
Not to be outdone by Octo-Mom, Kirsten (now only 6 weeks pregnant) shows off how she got a doctor to insert 27 fertilized eggs into her uterus.
All I have to say is that payback is a bitch, gentlemen!!

On to a couple of honorable mentions:

FreakSmack with
Marlene was thrown into a jealous rage when she came home from
"Frank's Gun and Golf Emporium" to find her husband with Sparky, a male prostitute with a love for cut-offs, and wristbands. Marlene did what any God fearing, gun toting, mother to be would do and emptied a clip into Sparky's Mitsubishi Eclipse. I think it's safe to say Marlene's mood swing was justified.
Lola with
Back stage at the Maury Povich show, Jolene confronts her baby daddy.

Buford and Bubba are so relieved they dodged a bullet.
Jeremy from We Took the Bait with
Give the pallet of Huggies to the guy in the Daisy Duke shorts, and nobody gets hurt....
Mooog had two good ones this week:
Inside the annual WalMart job fair.
Proof positive that guys will fuck just about anything
Those were great, but the winner this time is Cat Lady Larew with
Register now for our parenting classes. Satisfaction guaranteed or you ammo back.