Mom Likes Bill Best, Again...

Thanks to everyone for some great captions this week! Here's the picture and some honorable mentions:

God with
Even though the crafty prostitute left Dave simmering in a dirty hotel bathroom soaking in ice without a kidney or liver or some other important internal organ, he was bound and determined to attend the tailgate party.

Mooog35 with
The line outside Walmart's first 'job fair.'
Once again, more evidence as to why the North won the war.

SplitRock Dozer with
Thats the last time I let Roger put "his stuff" in my cooler.

There were some great ones, but I have to give it to Bill's Bayou this week for the HIGHlarious
Ok. Who took a Schlitz in my ice chest?


Bill's Bayou said...

I'm honored. Either that, or I never got the validation I desperately needed from my own mother. I did, however, spend time getting Schlitz-faced with Dad.

Cascia said...

That was a great caption! I needed a laugh. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

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