Who Knew Axl Was the Black Sheep of the Family?

Thanks to all my funny peeps for captioning this fine picture for me!

Let's get things started with a couple of honorable mentions:

Bill's Bayou had a nice dig with
Kirsten couldn't put her finger on it, but something made her feel that she was adopted.
Yes, I did get a bad batch of Viagra once. Why do you ask.
The Old Silly with
Behind his cheesy smile, Mr. Flannigan bemoaned the harsh reality that half of these kids were not his. But her family has money, so what the hell if she diddles the butler?
Nooter with
"dress up in your halloween costume" his brothers said. "we'll all do it for the family portrait" they said.

a young ashton kutcher vowed that day to never get punk'd again.
Travelbug Mom with
"ya know Dick, if you would just get me a bigger washing machine maybe I'd be able to have everything clean in time!"....but we all thank you for bringing home the vodka!
nonamedufus almost won with
Even at an early age, Tina Yothers' parents knew she was going to be a handful, despite her family ties.
After all, making fun of Tina Yothers never gets old.

However, the winner of this week's Mom Likes Me Best Award goes to

Danica with
After his parents believed that they could re-create the Von Trapp family, Axl Rose had a different perspective on the "Sound of Music".
Making fun of Axl doesn't get old either.


nonamedufus said...

Wow, "almost won". Do I get half a star?

Congrats, Danica for a great caption.

Ed Adams said...

Nice one.


blueviolet said...

I envy people their ability to come up with these!

Marvin D Wilson said...

Yay! Honorable Mention! I'll put it up on my mantle with all my bronze medals and third place ribbons - oh joy! LOL

Kudos to Danica - off the hook funny!

The Old Silly

Danica said...

Thanks, Kirsten! I'm honored!
You and your peeps keep me laughing all week.