Does Mom Like YOU Best?

Alright, kids!! Here's what you have to work with for today's caption this contest.


Mom Likes Me Best (The Winner, Not the Guy in the Picture)

Let's get to the winners from last week's caption contest. Here's the picture...

Honorable mentions:

Nooter with the delightfully smartassy
moooooog35 seduces his first wife, the treehugger

The aforementioned mooooog35 with
Julie was depressed when she discovered, upon reaching the end of the rainbow, that the leprechaun was at lunch and had left creepy Earl the copy guy to cover for him.
One of my favorites, Reforming Geek, who roasted me one day on her blog. I haven't forgotten and am planning my revenge. Watch out, geek!...with...Um, my Engrish not so good. I know I said "wood" but I only meant..er....trees and stuff.
Ed Adams with
Pornography for nudists. Clothed models.
nonamedufus with
After about a half hour into the session, Brian's aperture was beginning to expand.
Bill's Bayou with
In low light, he drops his drawers and becomes a tripod.
The winner of last week's Mom Likes Me Best Award is:

The Mother with
Taking a nude photography course, Bill misunderstood the nature of the assignment.


Halloween Party Fun!

I would love any ideas you might have for my Halloween party this weekend. We're having a party for the kids and their friends and I'm trying to think of some good games. I've already come up with the traditional, "tried and true" games like:

-Bobbing for thumb tacks

-Pin the clever on the loser kid (He's coming, thank God!!)

-Trophys for the best and worst costumes. (Usually the home made ones are the worst!)

-Dwarf tossing (I'm renting them for the night and they will be dressed as li'l monsters)

-"I've Got a Secret" game. You should see their faces when I tell them there's no Santa. It's precious!

-"Ghost Hide-n-Seek", where you take the loser kid and have him hide. No one goes to look for him.

However, I would love some non-traditional, original games to play. Any suggestions?


Caption This Wednesday

I apologize in advance if you lost your lunch due to viewing this picture. Why not make the experience worth while and caption this before you leave?


Last Week's Mom Likes Me Best Award Winners!

Sorry for my late post of last week's caption this contest. Life keeps getting in the way of my blog fun!

Honorable mentions:

Bill's Bayou had a bunch of good ones including:
Lawrence wasn't getting enough beatings in high school so he came up with this idea for his senior picture.
It's not the size of your column. It's how you use it.
Cat Lady Larew with
Nicholas poses for the cover of his new magazine, Ass Nick and Old Lace
P.L. Frederick with
“Make-up is one way to successfully hide a zit. Here's another.”

Mike WJ at too Many Mornings with
Stephen chose a highly unorthodox way to announce his sexual orientation to his mother and father.
Nooter with
moooooog35's high school yearbook photo
(hee hee!)

and Lola with
I feel pretty,
Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and gay!

And now for the winner! It's mooooooog35 the simple, yet hilarious:
Somewhere, out there, a father cries uncontrollably.


Caption This Wednesday

I know you guys can come up with something great with this! Caption away!!


Creamcicle Leisure Suits!!! Mmmmm!

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winners of last week's caption contest! I hope it didn't ruin your whole weekend! Let's start off with some honorable mentions.

Nooter with
finding out her birthday party stripper was going to be a johnny depp impersonator was a little more than nana could handle all at once.
roy now realizes crashing a sorority house reunion party wasnt going to be as much fun as the original.
Bill's Bayou with
A new television mini-series based on the true story of a Social Security extortion ring is coming to CBS: "Hurl, Pearl, and Earl"
Haley with
Hilda felt ill when she learned that her long awaited key party was only going to be four people: sister Kate, cousin Dewey, Hilda herself, and the cameraman hired to document the proceedings.
renal failure with
Ethel's creamcicle pants suit was making Martha ill. Her imaginary drinking buddy Slab Beefchest, however, was nonplussed as always.
Me-Me King with
The escort service promised Guido that the girls would be experienced and that they loved to party.
CatLadyLarew with
With Thelma down for the count and young Edwin not far behind, Florence was well on her way to winning "Last One Standing".
Candice with
Granny is in the process of having a heart attack, but F it. Who wants a gin and tonic?
Mike WJ at Too Many Mornings with
Leonardo DeCaprio realized his acting career had taken a serious downturn when he realized he was not only starring in a porn film with Betty White and Rue McClanahan, but partying with them at a Holiday Inn.
And the winner is nonamedufus with
On the second day of our Thanksgiving family reunion Mom dons her favourite liesure suit and Gramma makes room for turkey and cranberries.


Now is the Time We Roast Da Old Man!

One of my fave bloggers needs to put his helmet on and get ready to be roasted. It's none other than the Crotchety Old Man! He's been having to deal with some serious medical problems and he needs some ridicule from me to make him feel better.

Crotchety was my first bloggy friend. I had some fish on my blog that you could feed by clicking on them. He used to like to come over and feed my fish. Poor guy thought they were real. For old time's sake, why don't you feed some of Crotchety's fish on the right. Shhh! Don't tell him they're fake.

Poor guy doesn't understand. Of course he doesn't, he's old! I know what you're saying. You're saying, "But, Kirsten, just how old is Crotchety?"

He's so old,
he walked into an antique store and they kept him.

He's so old,
Jurassic Park brought back memories.

He's so old,
the key on Ben Franklin's kite was to his apartment.

He's soooo old
he knew Mr. Clean when he had an afro.

He's sooo old,
when he reads the bible he reminisces.

He's so old,
here's a picture of him at his last birthday.

I know he looks like a chick here, but give him a break, he's old. Unfortunate choice of glasses...

That's all I have to say about Da Old Man! Get well, we love you!!


Caption This Wednesday

I hate to disrespect Nana, but someone's gotta caption this!!


That's Offensive!!

This week is quite exciting for me since I get to roast two fellow bloggers. That means I get to talk trash about people! I always say, if you don't have anything nice to say, then sit next to me.

I will make this a two parter. (According to spell check, "parter" is not a word, but you know what I mean, so whatever.) I digress...

This part will be my official roast of Chelle B., the Hello Kitty lovin', Jesus' taco eatin',
The Offended Blogger. I would tell you the truth and say that I love being offended by her blog every day, but this is a roast so I won't go there. I also won't say that I wish her the best with all of her stressful health problems of late.

I have to say that for a while now, I wanted to steal from Chelle. I guess I should come clean and just say it. Now that I think about it, I did steal from Chelle. I just haven't used said stolen property yet. I read one of her posts from at least a year ago, and saw this...

It was right there for the taking. I fell in love immediately. It says everything so beautifully. It could easily be used for any occassion on this blog. I saved it for all these months. Now I must come clean. Chelle, I coveted your picture and I downright stole it.

Wait a minute! This is a roast. not a confessional for my past transgressions. That's right, Chelle, I stole from you and I would do it again! And another thing! I hate Hello Kitty, guns and guys named Jesus that make tacos out of their roach coach!! If you don't know what I'm talking about, then go check out The Offended Blogger and get offended now.

Also, go check out Quirky's roast while you're at it.


Fun with Renal Failure!

Thanks again to everyone for participating in this week's caption contest! It's hard to pick just a few, but here goes.

Honorable mentions:

Me Me King with
Okay, ladies, keep your hands off my berries.
moooog35 with
Luke Perry's career really sucked after 90210.
..later that day after a tough round of golf and many mimosas, Jimmy found himself seeds-deep in the old broad to his left.
Worst. Porno. Ever.
nonamedufus with
It was ladies only day at Augusta but Jimmie was sure they'd let him play because he was a fruit.

And this week's winner of The Mom Likes Me Best Award is the always funny renalfailure with
The Lesbian Khaki Camel Toe Invitational Tournament is brought to you by Smuckers' Jelly. Now in Strawberry!
Thanks again to EVERYONE for participating!!!