Halloween Party Fun!

I would love any ideas you might have for my Halloween party this weekend. We're having a party for the kids and their friends and I'm trying to think of some good games. I've already come up with the traditional, "tried and true" games like:

-Bobbing for thumb tacks

-Pin the clever on the loser kid (He's coming, thank God!!)

-Trophys for the best and worst costumes. (Usually the home made ones are the worst!)

-Dwarf tossing (I'm renting them for the night and they will be dressed as li'l monsters)

-"I've Got a Secret" game. You should see their faces when I tell them there's no Santa. It's precious!

-"Ghost Hide-n-Seek", where you take the loser kid and have him hide. No one goes to look for him.

However, I would love some non-traditional, original games to play. Any suggestions?


Ed Adams said...


How did you manage to get a clever.

Oh wait, you meant cleaver.

Clever sounds much more fun.

Anonymous said...

How about that game where you put the name of a person on your forehead and then have to guess.

Freddy Kreuger
Michael Myers
Grudge Ghost
Deliverance Banjo Player

Ooodles of delightful, whimsical fun!

And... you're welcome.

Bill's Bayou said...

How about "Troll The Blog"?

Before the party, surf the web for some of the most extreme blogs you can find; pro-choice/life, vegan, feminism, animal rights, knitting, etc... You'll want blogs with numerous followers who are rabid defenders of the blog. Put the blog addresses into a hat.

The game:
Each child picks a blog from the hat and posts a reply to the latest blog entry taking the opposite side of the issue.

Each reply you get for your post is worth 1 point.
Each reply with cursing scores 2 points.
Each reply with the words "Nazi" or "Fascist" scores 5 points.
Each reply which makes the child cry is 10 points.
Each reply that makes another child cry (not his/her own post) is 20 points.
A phone call from your ISP telling you that they're cancelling your service is an instant win.

ReformingGeek said...

Taxidermy with the road kill. Make sure all the kiddies wear plastic raincoats or something. The most creative piece wins!

The Mother said...

Costume shuttle race.

Divide your guests into teams. Give each team a costume that has to be put on, then worn to the next station, where the next person has to put it on (etc).

The best costumes are things that can be put on over existing clothes. Hula skirts with coconut bras and leis, Mouse ears with big mickey mouse hands and a nose, etc.

Hilarious. Especially great for teen parties. Make sure you have your camera ready.

Bill's Bayou said...

"Balloon Boy Races"

Version 1: Put each of the kids into a flying saucer balloon and race them across the state. You'll need one for each kid.

Version 2: Put each of the kids in a box in the attic and just tell everyone that they're in the balloons.

Bill's Bayou said...
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Bill's Bayou said...

Moving on from ReformingGeek's idea: Fill each with candy and hang them up like piñatas!

Again, don't forget the raincoats if they're not dried out yet.

Granny Annie said...

I rarely comment here because clever isn't my forte. I always come to read what you and your hysterical buddies are saying. This is the laughing place. OMG!

Moooooog35 said...

How about 'Bobbing for H1N1?'

Nooter said...

*pin the tail on the devil
*i just put something crawly on your shoulder, can you guess what it is?
*watch a scary movie and everyone takes a shot each time someone jumps or squeals
*ghost and bat piñatas
*treasure hunt around the house/yard/neighborhood for hidden body parts. assign each part a numerical score, highest score at the end of a timed session wins! bake homemade cookies shaped like arms, legs, heart, brains, etc. for this
*play charades to guess what horrible 16th century disease the others are acting out
*stage your own rocky horror picture show reenactment
*go to a cemetery and play musical chairs with the headstones as chairs

CatLadyLarew said...

How about "Salem Witch Trial". It's really fun. You take anyone wearing a witch costume and burn them at the stake. (Their hair smells kinda bad when it burns, though, so you might not like that one.)

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Mendoza said...

Wow. How did you manage to get a clever. Oh wait, you meant cleaver. Clever sounds much more fun.

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