Mom Like Me Best This Week

Let's get started with a few honorable mentions for this week's Caption This Contest.

had a couple of good ones with
"Hi! My name's Jeannie and I'm from the Welcome Wago... oh wait, you're foreigners? I'm glad I came prepared."
Watermelon: $2.99
Gun: $800.00
Fitting both in your vagina: Priceless
"Hi! My name's Jeannie and I'm from the Welcome Wago... oh wait, you're foreigners? I'm glad I came prepared."
nonamedufus with
Doreen felt oh so pretty in her House of Chanel knock-off: a Wal-Mart floral print with bare arms and a melon handbag.
MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings with
Laura Ashley continued to design frilly dresses well into the new millenium, but her paranoid obsession with fruit and handguns destroyed her image with consumers everywhere except the Deep South.
Bill's Bayou with
I'm moving "Does this melon make me look fat?" to the top of my list of "Questions Where You Answer No."
This week's winner of the Mom Likes Me Best Award goes to God, of course!

Prenatal courses for young mothers in Ireland have come a long way since the 80's.

1.5 Million!!!

This must be my lucky day! I don't mean to flaunt my good fortune in your face, but here goes. I just received this email:
Fromr.Henri Chenal
(Success Foundation)
My Good Friend,

Feel free to contact my secertary Mr. Cosmos Obi for your Cashier's check of $1.5 Million Dollars, with this Email address;
( cosmos_obi@yahoo.com.hk )

God Bless you for your effort at that time,contact my secertary without any further delay for your compensation of $1.5 Million Dollars.
May God continue bless you and your family.

Best Regards,
Mr Henri Chenal

At first I thought that this was too good to be true, but upon further inspection, I noticed it's from The Success Foundation!

Sounds legit!!!


Watermelons and Firearms...hmmm...

Let's see if anyone can come up with a caption to this one. I'm stumped!


Don't be That Guy!

I don't want any of you to get jealous, but my daughter and I are going to see The Jonas Brothers this weekend. I thought for sure that whatever I wear/do etc. will be embarrassing to her, but never imagined that it might be the other way around. While discussing the uber important subject of what to wear to said concert, my daughter said she wanted to buy the concert t-shirt THERE and wear it. WHAT!? What kind of new generation do we have? No one wears the t-shirt of the band you're going to see; not to mention the actual one from that concert! Embarrassing!

I thought I would take this time to school some of the younger generation on the the very delicate issue of concert t-shirts wearing etiquette. They are not to be worn whenever you feel like it. There are time tested rules that should never be ignored.

Please fell free to add new rules if I have forgotten anything.

1. It is a total violation to wear the t-shirt that you bought at that very concert. (The violation is even more offensive if worn over the clothes you got there in.)

2. It is a violation to wear a concert t-shirt that you bought less than three weeks ago.

3. It's a violation to wear any shirt from the band you're watching unless you bought it over ten years ago and the band has all the same original members. Example, wearing a Van Halen shirt from 1984 to a Van Halen concert with Sammy Hagar in 1993 is not appropriate even though the required ten years have passed.

4. If you must wear a concert tee to a concert, please keep it to the same genre of music. However, the "I'm being ironic concert shirt" is always appropriate. A good example here would be to wear a Michael Bolton shirt to a Metallica concert.

These are only a few guidlines. I'm sure I missed a few. Just know that violating and one of these rules results in you being "that guy" .

Trust me, no one wants to be that guy.


I'm a Jerk

Now I feel bad! Everything went well yesterday! I had a few hours to myself and the kids had a great time with Nana! Maybe it'll happen again in the next nine years!

And now for the winners of the caption this contest from Wednesday.

Honorable mentions are:

Reforming Geek
had an observation that we have all had at one time.
"I guess I should have eaten something before finishing off that bottle of wine."
Last week's winner, cIII, had a funny with
Just par for the Course at BlogHer '09.
Now for the winning caption courtesy of Bill's Bayou:
Knowing that even bad publicity is good publicity, Courtney Love "accidentally" fell down but forgot to forget her panties.

Thanks again everyone for playing! Have a great weekend!


Thanks for Letting Me Vent!

Today my mother in law is coming down to our house and taking the kids out for a few hours for some shopping and some lunch. Fun for everyone, right? The kids get to hang out with their nana and I get to have a few free hours! I'm very excited! There has to be a catch. My daughter is almost nine years old and she has never done this before. Never! There has to be a catch. I know this day won't be working out the way I want it to.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop.


Speaking of Vegas...

If you want to have the glory of the the Mom Likes Me Best Award, why not give this image the caption it needs?! Just make me laugh.


What Happened??

I just got back from a bachelorette weekend in Vegas. Sorry if I'm a little off my game. Will return tomorrow!


Last Week's Caption This Winners

Honorable mentions this week go to:

Winky Twinky
Ruth Buzzy distracted by the little German guy in the cornfield during the festival
PhilipDyer with
Inga never let her advancing age or dementia stop her from competing in the annual "Little Miss Baden-Baden" pageant.
Bill's Bayou with
Girl number two is happy. Elsa has chosen the Maid of the Fair by shoving a rake handle up her backside.
domestic goddess with
"Ohhh Hilda, you gotta see this, one of the girls has no underdrawers on!"
And the winner this week is:

cIII with
"I really wish mom would lay-off the Mushrooms before coming out to recitals."

Congrats cIII! Thanks for playing!


Safety First!

Just made me laugh. Sorry, Dyer boys, I still can't tell you apart. Which one is it?


Caption This for Big Award!

You have your work cut out for you this week, my friends. Try captioning this...


The Postman Always Stops Once

I'm not saying that I live in a small town, but lately we have had a bit of a crime spree that was quickly nipped in the bud!! Thanks to our entire local police department and their tireless commitment to justice in the weeks that it took to crack this case!


Burger Queen

Sorry for the late post with the winners, but I was out in the real world dealing with real world stuff. Whatever.

Honorable mentions from Burger King Mama are...

Douglas Dyer with
This new model comes with a really huge trunk and a nice cup holder.
MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings with
Some people are thirsty, some people are thirsty for love. Queen Lateetsa satisfies them both.
nonamedufus with
Enid gave new meaning to "2 girls, one cup".

Bill's Bayou with
Just don't ask where she hid the

The winner is Philip Dyer with
After being trapped underneath his wife for two hours, Wendell finally managed to alert her by shoving his drink to the surface.



I found this dog wondering the streets the other day and haven't found his owner. I figured it won't hurt to put my sign up on my blog. Does anyone know this dog? Please read the whole poster. Thanks!


Burger Queen

This is a tough one, guys. 1000 ec credits and the Mom Likes Me Best Award to the winner!


Enough with MJ Already!

Enough with the Michael Jackson already!! After the "service" today I don't want to hear about it again. No more breaking news about what the hell new kind of drug was in his house. No more video of effed up people crying about some guy they never met.

Yay! He was a good dancer and entertainer. That means that his life is worth more than the rest of us. He also could very well have been a child molester which means he should have died sooner.

There! I said it!

On a related note, I had a little scare on Sunday. Apparently my dad signed me up for the lottery to get tickets for the Michael Jackson memorial service today. I couldn't believe it. Thanks, funny guy! Knowing me, the only thing I ever win in my life would be THIS.

Luckily, I wasn't picked. More space for the unemployed wackos enjoying the fruits of my tax dollars.


Feel Better, Joe!!

My great blogger friend, Joe, over at the Crotchety Old Man Yells at Cars is sick in the hospital. I just wanted to send him my love and prayers. My other bloggy friend, Margaret at Nanny Goats in Panties made this great award for him.

Feel better Joe!!


Happy Independence Day!!



There were some great submissions to the Caption This contest this week. Let's review...

Honorable mentions:

Bill's Bayou
I had the rims super sized!
My other car is a KFC.
Quirkyloon with
I'm lovin' DIS!
Jessica with
Look's like McDonald's had to downsize their advertising department because of the recession....
The Ripleys with
Headline: McRims Stolen While McHomies Play in McDonalds Ball Pit.

The Mother with
We have Ronald McDonald. Please place $1 million in unmarked Big Macs under the drive thru window, or you'll never see him alive again.
...and the winner of the coveted Mom Likes Me Best Award is...

mooooog35 with
T-Bone finds out that his Ronald McDonald toy is not nearly as effective in killing rival gangs as his Uzi.


Don't Be Such a Twit

I'm really going to sound like a mom today, but who cares. I have a Twitter account, but don't really use it much. I decided to play around with it yesterday and I'm already confused. What the hell is the pound sign all about? What does it mean? Will someone help me out here?

Hey! No smartasses! You know who you are. : )


Caption This!

Caption this, my friends, for prizes and fun!