I'm a Jerk

Now I feel bad! Everything went well yesterday! I had a few hours to myself and the kids had a great time with Nana! Maybe it'll happen again in the next nine years!

And now for the winners of the caption this contest from Wednesday.

Honorable mentions are:

Reforming Geek
had an observation that we have all had at one time.
"I guess I should have eaten something before finishing off that bottle of wine."
Last week's winner, cIII, had a funny with
Just par for the Course at BlogHer '09.
Now for the winning caption courtesy of Bill's Bayou:
Knowing that even bad publicity is good publicity, Courtney Love "accidentally" fell down but forgot to forget her panties.

Thanks again everyone for playing! Have a great weekend!


Bill's Bayou said...

Thanks, Mom!

www.crearpaginaweb.com said...

This won't really have success, I believe this way.