Last Week's Caption This Winners

Honorable mentions this week go to:

Winky Twinky
Ruth Buzzy distracted by the little German guy in the cornfield during the festival
PhilipDyer with
Inga never let her advancing age or dementia stop her from competing in the annual "Little Miss Baden-Baden" pageant.
Bill's Bayou with
Girl number two is happy. Elsa has chosen the Maid of the Fair by shoving a rake handle up her backside.
domestic goddess with
"Ohhh Hilda, you gotta see this, one of the girls has no underdrawers on!"
And the winner this week is:

cIII with
"I really wish mom would lay-off the Mushrooms before coming out to recitals."

Congrats cIII! Thanks for playing!


Winky Twinky said...

There were so many funny comments... Congrats to clll!! and thanks for the honorable mention!

jennifer said...

My kids said that to me just the other day... :)

Granny Annie said...

Congratulations clll! Also to those with honorable mention. Can't wait to try one of these again. All the captions were soooooo funny!

cIII said...


Good thing I ate all those Mushrooms before commenting.

Thanks, Kirsten.