1.5 Million!!!

This must be my lucky day! I don't mean to flaunt my good fortune in your face, but here goes. I just received this email:
Fromr.Henri Chenal
(Success Foundation)
My Good Friend,

Feel free to contact my secertary Mr. Cosmos Obi for your Cashier's check of $1.5 Million Dollars, with this Email address;
( cosmos_obi@yahoo.com.hk )

God Bless you for your effort at that time,contact my secertary without any further delay for your compensation of $1.5 Million Dollars.
May God continue bless you and your family.

Best Regards,
Mr Henri Chenal

At first I thought that this was too good to be true, but upon further inspection, I noticed it's from The Success Foundation!

Sounds legit!!!


moooooog35 said...

He should fire his secretary.


Obviously, she has issues proofreading.

Christina_the_wench said...

And he's your Good Friend too! How awesome is that for you!

Mulled Vine said...

Hmmmm... is this the one exception to the long established rule that nothing in life is free?