Show of Your Dixie Dukes!!

Better late than never! Let's get down to some honorable mentions in the Mom Likes Me Best Caption Contest.

First of all, Kerrie made me laugh with
"X" marks the spot!
But then Lola really made me laugh with
"X" doesn't mark the spot.
Some more good ones include:
Haley with
Billy Ray then yelled to Bubba, "Lookie here boy - standing next to mah sisters a makin mah south rise agin!
Me-Me King with
Look away, Look away
Look away, Dixieland.
Staci with
In an effort to impress Bubba, who swore that the South would one day rise again, Bobbie Jean cut up a Dixie flag, tied it to her body, and watched proudly as it rose down south. It wasn't until after she posed for the picture did Bubba finally explain that the south he was talking about was not the one below her navel.
Bill's Bayou had some great ones, including:
Bubba Joe went to match.com and got what he wanted after entering "Racist Mufffin Top Camel Toe FUPA"
Winner of the 2009 "Miss Wish I Was Blind In Tennessee" competition
The last thing Bill remembers is Kirsten asking "Does this outfit make my butt look big?"
Sadly, Bubba's catch was well over the size limit and he had to throw it back.
Laugh if you must, but I wonder how many of you women would look this good after giving birth to 14 of your cousin's kids.

I had to go with Bill's Bayou and Nooter for a double win today because Bill had so many good ones and Nooter had this one and they both really made me LOL. Even though they went against the rules and mentioned me! Anyway, here they are...
Kirsten is tempting me. Must not mention Kirsten's name with respect to this photo. Put down the coffee and step away from the keyboard. Kirsten's payback is a bitch. Do not think "Kirsten" when looking at cellulite.
and Nooter with
clearly this is not kirsten and she is not standing with her cousin/fiance and that is not her wedding dress and this was not the happiest day of her life.


Bill's Bayou said...

Awww golly gee gosh. I'm honored.

Although, I thought my "Killer Maxi Pad" entry was at least worthy of mention.

Way to go Nooter!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

All I can say is "MY EYES.... OH MY EYES". These were too funny:)

Me-Me King said...

Yeeehawww! Congrats to Bill's Bayou and to Nooter, way to go guys!

Thanks, Kirsten, for the HM.

Nooter said...

still want to know where she keeps her keys...

Marvin D Wilson said...

LMAO! My knee is sore from all the slapping whilst guffawing. Kudos to the victor, but LOTS of witty entries!

The Old Silly

nonamedufus said...

That was a fun one this week. Congrats to the winners.