Sorry, Baby Seals Are People Too!

We had some good captions this week for the bear picture. I can't find it on my computer, so scroll your lazy ass down a little and see what picture I'm talking about.

Back? Good, now let's separate the men from the boys. Honorable mentions:

Moooog35 with
..and many years later as she gave yet another motivational speech, William would wait until the time was right, just right, to exact his revenge on an unsuspecting Goldilocks.
Nooter with
patty the polar bear waited for the chance to show off her 'baby harp seal squares' at the thirty-second annual lady-quilters auxiliary convention and brunch in nome alaska
nonamedufus with
Betty had obviously made a mistake. Instead of the women's workshop on Global Warming, she'd mistakenly stumbled upon the forum on Hot Flashes.
And I had to give it to Bill's Bayou again for
The vote to legalize eating baby seals was defeated with only one vote in favor of the measure.


Bill's Bayou said...

Thanks again. Two in a row puts me on the sidelines for next week's photo. I'll be tempted, though. Make me squirm. Put up a good one.

Moooooog35 said...


I mean, um...

Congrats, Bill.

Heather Cherry said...

Okay Bill's Bayou, that was absolutely genius comedy gold.