Vicodin Don't Do S*%#!

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with me, I will catch you up. Last night at Tae Kwon Do practice, I did this...

The problem is that I didn't MEAN to do this. 

I thought my knee would be fine if I just went home and iced it overnight. However, it turns out that I don't have a medical degree and my humble plan of action totally sucked! Sorry, I'm still a little bitter. 

Thankfully, my husband stayed home from work, took the kids to school, packed lunches, the whole deal. Then he took me to a doc in the box down the street. Blah, blah, blah, more waiting, blah, blah, blah, more waiting. You know how it goes. Anyway, long story short, it's something with my meniscus. I need an MRI to tell if I need surgery. It's now friday and I have to wait until wednesday for the MRI. In the meantime, I'm sitting in bed with a bottle of Vicodin that don't seem to be doing shit! Sorry, the bitterness again. 

Thanks for letting me vent.



Diesel said...

I've done that before. But not with my own legs.

Chat Blanc said...

Oh man that sucks ass! So sorry. I'm not a dr. either and I don't recommend this but I did hear once, from a 'friend' that pain killers are more effective with vodka. but again, I don't recommend this. just sayin' ;)

TheFLy said...

Im not sure you are using the vicodin right. You're not supposed to put them up your butt, you swallow them by the mouth. I hear wearing mom jeans takes away all physical pain and you only feel the pain of looking like a mom in ugly jeans, haha.

Da Old Man said...

If the Vicodin aren't working, you should ship them to me.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, some of my most painful injuries were martial arts related! Vicodin didn't help some of them... morphine works wonders!


Hope you get okay soon!

Athena said...

OUCH. Vicodin + wine in pimp cup + kids rubbing the tootsies + tv = happy you. :) Hope you're feeling better soon!

Honeybell said...

I'm so sad! Not only about your meniscus (that sounds dirty), but that the Vicodin aren't working. :(

Because it's really funny reading the ramblings of someone high on Vicodin.

Don said...

I had both knees done-more than once. It ain't nothing--as we used to say. I think that you're supposed to take about 4 Vikes at one time with a Grey Goose and tequila chaser! Yeah, that's it. It ain't nuttin'.

Amber Barth said...

Bah, that totally sucks! I hope everything turns out ok. Glad to hear you have a very understanding hubby (I'm sure it would be a shame if you had to kill him).

Hope you feel better, too!

Da Old Man said...

Ok, here's a trade secret from a pain killer aficianado: ask your doctor for some opiate patches. They are really sweet. Just slap one of those suckers on, and they last for a couple days.

MammaDawg said...


Well - I'm no doc, but I might have something to lift your spirits.

Drop by when you get a chance, k? I have something for ya... =)

Crazy Mom of 3 said...

your not going to let an MRI and surgery and pain stop you from blogging are you? That would suck for me.

Vodka Mom said...

I'd like to prescribe two martinis - then you call me in the morning.

Kirsten said...


@chat blanc-I think your "friend" is onto something!

@the fly-But, I HAVE been putting them up my butt!

@old man-I will be packing them up soon!

@zyriana-Thanks! I will try!

@athena-Yeah, it's not so bad!

@honeybell-I know! I might be the only person who gets more boring on vicodin!

@don-I like how you operate!

@amber-Thanks! and, yeah, it would suck if I had to kill him. But, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

@old man-I've never heard of that! Are you messing with me?

@mammadawg-thanks for the award! It certainly does lift my spirits!!

@crazy mom-Be careful what you wish for! I have a lot more free time now. I might just not shut up!!

@You are a very smart woman! I will do so immediately!

Anonymous said...

At least your still smiling! That's what I like about ya. You turn yourself into a pretzel without warning and then smile.... while in excruciating pain

Feel better soon. Hope you don't have to have surgery.