Caption this, Bitch!

I've never done a, "caption this", but I can't come up with a good one making fun of our European friends' affection for the Speedo brief. I have no idea what the sign says, but I know some of you funny mother fu*%^$ers can come up with something good. 

Maybe I'll come up with a good award that you can display proudly on your blog. Who wouldn't want props from this soccer mom? 

Don't answer that question, just caption it already!

PS- I just realized the date and think that a lot of my fellow American bloggers are going to do some special thing for September 11th today. I did a completely superficial, brainless, not-serious post. Now I feel stupid. 

My friend, the crotchety old man has a great tribute today. Check it out.
What he said!!!



Don said...

I wouldn't have a clue how to caption this. Looks like something about ettarose in a pair of panties.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Don't worry, I was cold and heartless today too. In fact, you could probably say I was doubly stupid because I blogged of all things today, about NYC, and nary a mention of the tragedy.

Qelqoth said...

I'm not posting about 9/11 either. But then, I'm not American. However, I did decide to cave in and cover presidential candidate, Barack Obama.

Kirsten said...

@don-I mean, Angie
Thanks for the caption!

@nanny-It's nice to know another heartless bitch! : )

@qelqoth-You have an excuse if you're not American. I will have to see what you said about Barack.

TheFLy said...

I did my own tribute, I have a candle lit on my blog.

As for a caption; I did some translating and it says:

"Remember, in Finland, you dont wear shorts, Speedos wear you!"

ps. I think thats Finnish.

Harris said...

hey kirsten

There are actually two ways of translating that - depending ojn how you read it, it sez,

"You've got the right stuff, baby!"


"Harris Bloom is not allowed at this beach."

Rock On,


Anonymous said...

I think its refreshing that you didn't post about 9/11. I appreciate the cold hard bitch in you. Maybe because I am too. I was a coward and didn't post. (well actually I didn't have time and forgot the date. Better to be a bitch than a stupid bitch. Geez how many times can I say the B word???)

Anyhoo.... It most clearly reads "Drop your drawers and let's see your Chonies" That is Spanish on the sign right?? LOL.

Qelqoth said...

I only say nice things you know. I'm like the tender rose on a summer's day and the laugh on a child's face.

However, I'm also a blatant liar.

Shelley said...

I know I'm late, but since I went to Arizona State, those last three letters just stick out at me. I think the sign says:

"No pants allowed, only ladies underwear is to be worn at ASU."

In fact, that may even be the school motto.