Sex! Sex! Sex!


It looks like someone's doing it wrong.



Chat Blanc said...

would that be mowing the lawn with a riding mower? ;)

shyloh said...

That is funny ha!

Athena said...

mowing the lawn or "mowing the lawn"?!!!

Da Old Man said...

Perverts worldwide will be googling and then showing up and leaving disappointed.

muskrat said...

i recently got lazy and started paying someone to mow my lawn.

does that mean...? hmmmm.

ReformingGeek said...

So a man with a death wish would say to his wife "Hey dear, look at this! You can lose some weight by having sex with me and mowing the lawn". That would be one dead man!

just bob said...

No wonder I can't lose weight. I have no lawn and no one would ever touch me.

lilaphase said...

I noticed you aren't using your pimp name anymore. I thought you might like a new name . . . a Sarah Palin baby name:

Mine is Fog Piles Palin.

Fog Piles

just bob said...


OMG... too funny. I'm Shank Piston Palin.

Kirsten said...

@chat blanc-Good one! I didn't even think about that.


@athena-I didn't think of that one either. You guys are great!

@da old man-Oh! That's really too bad. :)

@muskrat-That's right! It does! LOL!

@reforming-I wouldn't want to be that guy!

@just bob-That's just two strikes against you. But, you have your own Sarah Palin name now! Things are looking up!

@lila-That is the BEST site! My name is Drill Swollen Palin

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I read this too fast the first time and thought it said "having sex burns".

I'm a terrible person.

Bee said...

What if I'm having sex WHILST mowing the lawn and juggling?? How many calories smarty pants Kaiser Permanente??

Thykidzmom said...

That's it?? I'd rather mow the lawn, at least I'd get some sun too.

Chris Wood said...

Ha! I'm lazy enough to only use 2 (that's right, 2!) calories a minute. And I can't be arsed mowing the lawn. Fuck it.

(not literally)

M.G. Helm IV said...

They obviously don't know how vigorously I mow my lawn!

Cary said...

Not if you are riding. Then sex = 8 calories per minute and mowing = 0.

Oooh, I just got a tingle down below while writing that.