Life is About to Change...

Yes, my friends! It's the first day of school today! 

Now, most bleeding heart moms are happy today because they have a few hours of personal time during the day now. Dumb shits. Haven't they ever heard of nannies? I've had nothing but personal time for the past three months. I have barely seen my kids this summer, but from what I've heard, they had a great time! That's what really matters. 

However, I STILL love it when school starts. Do you know how much money I'm gonna save beginning today? I have been paying two nannies full time since June. Now I only have to pay them part time. I can use that money to pamper myself. I deserve it after all. Between the physical confrontations at soccer practice and weekly urine tests, I'm just plain beat! 

My kids go to public school, which is basically state sponsored child care as far as I'm concerned. Free!! The only problem is that the nannies get a little uppity when they learn that they will be getting a substantial pay cut. I'll have to get into that tomorrow. Maybe I will introduce ya'll to said nannies tomorrow. 

PS-On a more serious note, I hope I don't get any more notes from my daughter's teacher this year. I got this one so I could sign it and send it back because my little darling might just have a little of her mom in her!


TheFLy said...

You should sign it, "Reverend Doctor Kirsten Valentine, the badass pimp Motha, let a playa play!"

That would them whats up, haha.

Athena said...

HAHAHA, what thefly said!!! Show those teachers who's boss, baby!

Miss Caught Up said...

They make kids write out letters like that? LOL I agree with what thefly wrote.

I ran into your blog through blogcatalog. Hope you don't mind! :)

Anonymous said...

during the fire drill??? awh, a chip off the old block! btw--i tagged you over at my place. so go. go on, go!

Chat Blanc said...

doesn't it get ya a little misty eyed; your young progeny is already rockin' it out! :)

Kirsten said...

@thefly-I didn't even think about that!! Where were you when I needed you?

@athena-Where were you, too?! : )

@miss caught up-I certainly don't mind! I can't get enough of comments!!

@kitty-She sure is. I'm in trouble in about 10 years!

@chat blanc-I'm soo proud!! ; )