We're home safely!

I'm so glad to report that we are back from a great family trip! We saw some old friends and relatives. We got to show the kids Washington D.C. and do the tourist thing. I really enjoyed seeing the WWII memorial as that is new since I've been there. There were some WWII veterans there for the first time too and it was very moving.

Wow! That almost started getting serious there for a minute! Let me post a very immature picture with a District of Columbia theme to keep my blog lowbrow and superficial where it belongs.

Oh yeah!! We also poked around Ocean City, MD since I have some family who live nearby. They always insist we go to the boardwalk like it's the goddamn Louvre or something! Oh well, my husband was in need of a new, "Bikini Inspector" t-shirt anyway.


Michelle said...

I actually really like the boardwalk in O.C. MD. :) I did have to lol at hubs new shirt though. Thanks for putting a link to Mommy Confessions on your site. That is great!

Da Old Man said...

Glad to see you back in one piece. Or 4, or however many pieces there should be.

Anonymous said...

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