My Encouter with Trace Adkins

Okay, I used to make fun of country music on my free time until I married a guy who liked it. I continued to make fun for about five years and then something funny started happening. I started liking it! Long story short, I'm a big Alan Jackson fan now. My playlist is on the bottom of my page. Play it at your own risk, as you might just start liking country! 

Anyway, my hubby and I were invited to a country music festival in Palm Springs a couple of months ago by some close friends. They live in Nashville and are friends of some country stars, so we got to go back stage and watch a lot of the acts. I'm trying to keep this short, so bear with me. I'm a huge fan of Trace Adkins because he almost won The Celebrity Apprentice on behalf of the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. He has a daughter with life threatening food allergies like my son. His single, "You're Gonna Miss This" was sold on iTunes with all the proceeds going to FAAN. It's a great tune. Listen to it below. I promise you'll like it even if you're not into country. It's about taking time to appreciate the present, which is something I forget to do. 

Here's the picture of us with Trace. ( I thought he was smiling funny because he was being a dick until I noticed that that's how he smiles anyway.) My friend, Kris, is on the left and then Trace, then me and then my husband. Do you like my necklace/shirt? When you got it, you got it!!

Between  you and me, I might have altered this photo. 


Original GRITS said...

Damn girl, you're way hot there beside Trace...and I greatly admire your photo editing skills, too! *grin*

Da Old Man said...

I was gonna ask why you had Mardi Gras beads in Nashville.
I didn't know anyone was allowed to photoshop pictures and post them. Isn't that illegal or something?

Tommy Buettner said...

Great pic of everyone, except that your hair looks shorter when you only wear a thong, talking on a cell phone.

Roy Hewitt said...

Hi Kirsten,

You are real beauty.

You are invited to come on board with Young Living. Please check out my site.

I hope your Maryland trip went OK.



Anonymous said...

I knew you borrowed my necklace, flat iron and high powered fan without asking. Can I please have them back?
ha ha ha LOL