Voodoo Knife Rack

I came across an, "Ex Voodoo Knife Rack" somehow. High-larious! Now, if you have a sense of humor and understand that this technology doesn't actually work, it's funny. But, to this dumb-ass and self described non-fuddy duddy, it's not. This person actually took time to write this:
I am not being a fuddy-duddy or PC nut: believe me, I do get the humour - I just think that the funny side is outweighed by the more serious implications.

I think that the imagery created combined with the action of pulling the knives in and out is capable of affecting some people (especially some kids) in a negative way. I think that in this day-and-age of heightened knife crime even one serious incident incited by this product is one incident too many.

I have complained to the HQ of a well-known dept store and they have taken the items off their shelf. If you see these on the shelves and also find them offensive, please complain. You don't even have to follow your complaint up if you don't want to. Just keep a copy of your letter as proof that you did complain just in case a serious incident occurs. Manufacturers and suppliers need to be made accountable.

I'm so glad that this person is making the world a better place by calling manufacturers about this. He/She has given me the inspiration to save all the children by pulling some strings and ridding the world of this non-funny "OUCH" toothpick holder as well:

I made a voodoo doll for this person and I'm hoping it will work. He/She needs to die so we can clean up our gene pool a little. 

That's what I'm doing to make the world a better place. YOU'RE WELCOME!


Random Chick said...

LOL! Instead of writing a stupid-ass review like that, DON'T BUY IT! What an idiot!

I agree. Let's clean up the gene pool and throw some knives at this person.

Da Old Man said...

Is anything produced today that doesn't offend someone? Personally, I am offended by left hand turns. They are much easier executed by right handed people, and calling them left hand turns, it really messes with the self-esteem of lefthanded people who struggle turning that way.

Original GRITS said...

What a whiny assed loser! S/he should not only get a sense of humor but maybe getting a grip would help, too. *sigh*

Pitiful, isn't it.

I LOVE the knife block/voodoo doll. That's my kind of kitchen accessory! LOL

CurlyDesign said...

Speechless on the Voodoo Knife rack but I love the mood meter.


Tommy Buettner said...

Kirsten, if I come home one day, and see that sitting on my kitchen counter, I will know that you and my wife are communicating.

then I will tape a small Cubs hat on it.


momjeansblogger said...

@da old man-Oh! That explains a lot. You're one of those left handed weirdos like my husband!

@Tommy-You don't know the half of it! Be afraid, be very afraid!

Athena said...

Haha! After my first bad breakup, I begged my bff to buy me this in pink. People need to lighten up!

Angelika said...

OMG! When I saw that picture I laughed. Does this mean I will be a knife fighter/murderer???

*rolling eyes*

There have got to be better issues about which to get upset.

Suzy said...

I LOVE that knife thing.

Bee said...

Ha ha! Your blog is hilarious! Why don't you add your feed to humor-blogs so I can vote for you and you'll stop being #1008.

If you need help, unless you don't add because you just don't want to, I'm at beesmusings@gmail.com

Or you can ignore me. I;m cool with that too. ;o)

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

How dare s/he order us to complain about it. What if we like it?


Who is this guy, anyway? You could point us to his blog and we could overwhelm him with sillyness. Like this:

Dear Tom (or Bruce, or Freida, or whatever the hell his/her name is),

OMG where did you find this thing? I must have it! And I must tell all my friends about this wonderful item!

Silly Blogger referred by an anonymous Soccer Mom blogger.

Mary said...

Tommy...Mikey D. from work has one of those voo doo knife holders in his kitchen!!!