The New Generation of Awards

I've been thinking about all of these blog awards people are giving and getting. I got the idea from a blog I like called Cabbages and Kings and also from Dead Rooster. I stole the award to the right from him. No, I'm not bitter because no one gives me any, and the ones I DO get I award to myself. Please refer to the following post about winning a non-award contest and how I handled it. 

Are you back? Good. (only I would assume you would take the time to do this)

If you didn't already know about my only child status, then you've probably figured it out by now. I created a GENIUS award that I might just give out. Why not award someone else with my own genius. People keep giving awards to people who they feel deserve them for whatever reason. Maybe they think the blogger is entertaining, smart, funny, blah, blah, blah...

But, I should really be awarding people by giving them a chance to read all about me! I'm going to single-childly change the face of the internet blog awards forever!!!!!

Evil laughter...

Here it is:

Firstly, I would like to thank the Crotchety Old Man for his non permission to use his image in my award. 

Now for the rules:
If awarded this privilege, (or if you just take it) you must have it linked to my site so the world can enjoy my greatness. Okay, you don't really have to, but if you don't you will die within two years. (I can do this, just check out my voodoo post)

You also must bestow this honor upon at least 1,000 of your closest blogger friends. 

And the first recipient of this honor goes to one of my favorite bloggers ever, Tommy. Check out his Email Rubbish site for a good laugh every day! 


Tommy Buettner said...

Holy shitballs, Wonder Woman!!!!

I thought your award was killer made by Joe, so I made the picture award into a link on my website before I read your blog entry all the way!!!

(the twilight Zone theme song is playing in the background)

Jenn Thorson said...

Wow- I'd had no idea I'd helped inspire your non-award! How exciting! May I offer you my sincerest non-congratulations to you for presenting it to yourself?

And I hope to be invited to the party-that-won't-happen to celebrate it!

This is a very, very big non-event!

Take that Arte y Pico!

Da Old Man said...

You are welcome to use me. That sounds dirty. Sorry. You know what I mean, for the award. And that picture isn't just some crap I stole off the interent like almost everything else I use. That is a geuine picture of me, but not a current one. That picture is over 100 years old. Ignore the 1950's style TV. We were very forward thinking and had TVs long before they were invented.
As soon as I get around to it, that picture may become my new avatar. At least part of it.

Anonymous said...

I think you are brillant - why wait for others to give yourself what you want? Which is why I always need an electric plug nearby! lol KUDOS for a great award!

Anonymous said...

Ok I've been lurking you for a little while now, and totally adore your award! Super cute and why not make one up and start a trend?

And I'm an only child too. Yippie for getting our way all the time! lol.

momjeansblogger said...

@jailbird-Thanks for the kind comments!
I tried to check out your blog, but couldn't get in. Maybe it's something to do with the dept of corrections red tape.

@kittyconcerto-Thanks for your comments too! I want you to keep me posted on your pregnancy/clothes eating cat!