We made it!

Thank you to everyone who sent their well wishes! It worked and we made it to Maryland in four whole pieces.

I'm not sure how the plane trip went exactly. I did the responsible thing and decided to self medicate with a little bloody mary or two to start off with. I panicked when we hit some turbulence, tried to ignore it by picking up the Sky Mall magazine, got confused and I'm not sure, but I think I might now own a 16th Century Italian Replica Globe, an aquarium coffee table, a Mount Rushmore garden statue, a solar powered mole repeller, a Don Knotts signed photograph, a giant tv remote and some pillow, nap thingy. (photo below) As you can tell by the sheer amount of items, my fugue state lasted a while.

Since I don't have a mole problem, I'm pretty sure I bought the mole repeller because I thought the picture was funny. You be the judge.

Remember kids! Alcohol and Sky Mall DO NOT mix. I never knew there we so many non-existent problems that needed addressing!


Da Old Man said...

Glad to see you made it back safely. I've been monitoring local airline news reports for the last week.
Congrats on all your wonderful purchases. Good to know your yard will continue to be mole free.

Athena said...

There is nothing like a few mixed drinks and the skymall magazine to make a flight go by in a flash!!