I Have Arrived!

Forgive my arrogance, but I'm pretty big time now! Don't get jealous, my fellow bloggers, but I got my first European reader. I barely even tried! Here's what she said about my SpongeBob post:
And here I am, The European reader! (I'm actually watching Spongebob with my daughter as Im writing this.) Belive it or not, all europeans don't like speedos ;-)
So...I'm no't offended that you think Spongebob looks funny in his speedos, because I do to. :-P But I suppose I am some what offended that u think all europeans are in love with speedos...no.. wait a minute. It turns out I dont care after all.:-D
Have a great day! And from now on u have a reader from Sweden (no..not Switzerland..Sweeeden)/Lisa
I visited Lisa's blog and quite enjoyed it, and as soon as I learn Swedish, I'll enjoy it a lot more. Maybe I'll go to Ikea today and brush up.
Now, I have to clarify a few things. As all Americans know, Scandinavia is not a part of what I call the "speedomain". "Speetotalitarianism" never got that far north. Duh!

Anyway, thanks to Lisa for her comments! I love my fans!!

I was just in Sweden last year. Geneva is a beautiful city!


Da Old Man said...

Congratulations on your international audience. At Ikea, make sure you have some of the lingonberry... longenberry... loganberry... OK, they have some kind of juice that is made from the national fruit of Sweden or something. It's red. Or purple. I don't remember. I just know it tastes pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Soccer Mom, (or as we say in Germany "fußball mama or mutti").

Just wanted you to know that you have a fan in Germany too!

Auf Wiedersehen!

Mé said...

IKEA has a good C$1.00 breakfast--scrambled eggs, two sausages, home fries, and a bun. Everything else is extra. Once you are finished, you can follow the arrows around the different sections of the store: sofas, spööns, and spædoes.

Da Old Man said...

Hi. Just wanted to let you know I've passed along an award to you. Stop by my blog to pick it up.

Janine said...

South African visitor here. *waving from Cape Town*

asiL said...

Thanks for clarifying the whole , Speetotalitarianism-thing! I feel so much better now! ;-)

And thanks for visiting my blog, I assure you it's really top notch... haha .. I guess I can say that since there's no way you could really now how good or bad it is. :-P
Unless they are throwing crash courses in swedish at IKEA?!

Have a great weekend!


Jane @ Kidzarama said...

G'day, Kirsten!
Just another of your many fans from across the globe. ;)