Off to Washington D.C. Today!

The reason for our trip back east, my cousin's wedding, went off "without a hitch" last night. Hahahahahahahahaha! Did you get my hilarious and clever pun? I don't even have to try sometimes.

I'm afraid to comment more, because I'm not sure if anyone found out that I have a blog. What if I make fun of the wrong person and they see it? Believe me, my family is fertile comedy ground! Just not sure how to go about it. Will have an inner dialog about it later and decide how to proceed on that front.

Anyway, we are in the lovely town of St. Michaels, Maryland. Now we are going to D.C. to visit more relatives and I suppose there are a few points of interest we could show the kids as well. I heard there's an okay museum and some statues and such worth a peek. We'll see.

I'm packing up now. Isn't it funny how you can't fit all your clothes back into your suitcase the way you did when you packed to leave? I guess my new giant tv remote doesn't help.


SpinachNPeace said...

i totally know that feeling! I'm so unsure of what I can criticize/mock on my blog! lol.

Original GRITS said...

Giant TV remote? Am I missing something?

Oh honey, we should compare families as fodder for humor sometime. Let's try and one-up each other...it could be fun. LOL