When Flossing Goes Bad

It's that time of the week again. The ceremonial awarding of the platinum sheriff's star award.

I always like to start off with some honorable mentions, so here we go!

moooooog35, who always has good ones, gets props for:
Shawanda thinks that maybe, just maybe, she could have gone a little smaller on the ass implants.
Marissa with:
Just a little water retention. By next week I'll be back in my Size 2's.
nonamedufus with:
Does this ass make my thong look fat?
Heather Cherry with:
Most people go to the bathroom to floss their TEETH.
rubbish gets the first annual "Overexplain" award for:
Hi love, any chance of taking me down the scrap yard to weigh myself?

Disclaimer. Not sure if you have scrap yards in America but in the UK they have weigh bridges that you drive onto to weigh steel etc. in tonnes.
And the winner of the week is:

DouglasDyer with:
"Have you seen my husband? He was wearing a white tank top."


DouglasDyer said...

Well, I just want to say that this may be the...proudest...moment, oh boy, here come the waterworks! I just...I just...never won anything before. Kirsten, I wear your badge with honor and I promise to make you proud. Thanks very much.

Shawn said...

I knew that was the winner the second I saw it. Congrats, Douglas.

moooooog35 said...

Gotta give it to Doug. Awesome.

Although one day, my time will come and you'll all be sorry!

I mean..um...

Better luck next time for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winner Dyer boy and all the honorable mentions!

This is fun!

Me-Me King said...

LMAO! Now, that's funny! Congratulations Douglas!!!

ReformingGeek said...

Congrats! Those were all good!

Heather Cherry said...

I agree with Shawn. No one could top Doug's joke. The more I inspect that photo the more it looks exactly like she's got a dude wearing a wife-beater wedged firmly in her crack. Wow. Just... beautiful. (the caption, not the chick in the pic)

Marissa said...

Righteous winner Douglas! But that comment about the toilet whimpering made me choke on my coffee. Hilarious.

Drama Mama said...

YAAY! I KNEW that one would WIN! Awesome! Congrats to Douglas!

Tarra Slovan said...

nice blog!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

that wasthe winner for sure~

Wearing Mascara said...


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Diesel said...

Douglas' caption is hilarious. Congrats!

ettarose said...

I agree the best was that one. Kirsten, why do I keep missing you? Am I a tard?