Public Service Announcement for Brooke Sheilds

As none of you know, I had a terrible time with post partum depression after the birth of both my kids. I suffered unnecessarily twice! Who was the brain surgeon who didn't tell me about this?!?!

Lady Clairol, you have the finger on the pulse of the women of America!

This explains why Brooke Sheilds was never blonde!

Dumb bitch.


Anonymous said...

And have you noticed how manly her face looks these days?

I'm a bitter jealous wench.


DouglasDyer said...

Hair coloring can cure severe hormonal imbalances? This could mean the end of menopause as we know it!

Shawn said...

See, it's all in (on) your head. Clairol knows.

Thinkinfyou said...

That explains it!! I'm a much happier person as a blonde!!

The Mother said...

I know that blondes are supposed to have more fun. I didn't realize that it actually cured depression.

The pharmaceutical industry is really missing out on this innovation. Think of the potential!

Anonymous said...

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