You're All Winners!

Let's just get right to it, since I'm late with the winner announcement from last week.

Honorable mentions:

Philip Dyer
It was at this point that the photographer realized his strobes had faulty wiring.
Al Gore reduced global warming by 40% just by convincing this family to give up hair spray.
Shawn with
Pictured: Aqua Net CEO Jack Brisbee and family.

mooog35 with
It was no surprise that the Henderson's didn't say 'cheese' and instead yelled, 'FUCK YEAH!'
Bill's Bayou with
What's wrong with this photo? Anyone? Nope. The subject in the rear is not properly illuminated. I can't believe you all missed it.
BTW, will someone tell Bill to do a new post already! Blogs don't write themselves, believe me, I've tried.

Douglas Dyer
An instant after the flash of the camera, the entire family burst into flames.

And the winner this week is justbob with
On the way to the Bon Jovi concert, cousins Earl and Jenny stop by Glamor Shots for a family portrait.
Thanks for playing everybody! I hate to try to narrow it down to just a few mentionables!


just bob said...

YAY... I won. Thank you, thank you, thank you all!


DouglasDyer said...

Congratulations Just. And I agree about Mr. Bayou. It would be nice to hear from a fellow Yat. We know what a Yat is so you don't have to.

Granny Annie said...

All so funny but DouglasDyer left me laughing hardest.