One thing that never gets old with me is laughing at the Bud Light radio commercials. In honor of my trip to Texas, I give you this one.

BTW, I have never understood these people. Have you ever met any? I'm sure you have. I'm stuck with these people for a week!


Silicone Momma said...

uh yeah...my mother-in-law is wayyy to proud to be a texan. Kinda scary-like. LOL

Anonymous said...

I dunno.

Color me perv.

I kept wondering why his hand was hanging around the crotch area!

Was he gonna say, "I got your bud light...right here, baby!"

heh heh

Funnyrunner said...

The only thing that could have improved the video would be if he were holding a snake...

ReformingGeek said...

Oh yeah. They are at every major sporting event 'round here.

Budweiser is not REAL beer.

Stay cool.

Eric said...

*starts a slow clap*

(just kidding, everybody knows that Shiner or Lone Star are the only games in town)

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