Hell Just Froze Over


I can't believe it! Look to the right and notice that I beat Crotchety in the trivia challenge. Finally! He always beats me.

I don't mean to trash talk, but I took the test for today and got all 10 right! I dare anyone to try to beat my time! You especially Old Man!


Anonymous said...

Yowza! DOM must've forgotten to eat his cream of wheat that day! heh heh heh

Congrats Kirsten.

Da Old Man said...

I always screw up the music trivia ones.

Congrats on your win. I got all 10 right today. It all comes down to time, now.

Da Old Man said...

I lost again.


WTG, Mom!

Me-Me King said...

Congrats, Kristen!!!

I won't even try, I get all nervous and fumble about the keyboard when I know I'm being timed. However, If it's for the lowest score with the most time used - hey, I'm in!