Winner!! Winner!!

We had so many entries for the caption this contest this week! Thanks to all of you funny mother fu#@%$ers for participating!

Honorable mention this week goes to:

Shondra did her best to smuggle in the entire bridal party, but three bridesmaids managed to slip free.
mooog35 with
Unfortunately for several wedding guests, her decision to wear such a large dress would later prove fatal during the Chicken Dance.
Bill's Bayou with
Having not learned her lesson with the blueberry pie incident, Violet Beauregarde next tries Willy Wonka's "Wedding Buffet" gum
The good news: Sheer fabric is on sale. The bad news: Sheer fabric is on sale.

Stephanie B with
Inflate-a-bride seemed like a surefire success, but the brightly colored accessories were the dealbreaker.
And the winner is the simple, yet funny...

Me-Me King with
Anyone seen the ring bearers?


Stacie's Madness said...

congrats Me-Me King

Anonymous said...

Yay for MeMe!

Great captioning game Kirsten. I love 'em!

Me-Me King said...
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Me-Me King said...

Wow!!! I won???

I won!!! I've gotta get home right away to place this awesome award on my blog.

Kirsten, thank you so much!

nonamedufus said...

Congrats Me-Me. Way to go. Surprised you found the time after your big tour this week!

Lola said...