Best of, Mujahadeen Edition

I was wondering what would happen if a chat room malfunctioned somehow and people would post to other chat rooms by mistake. Does that make sense? I know, I know, I'm such a wordsmith. Here goes...

Please bear with us (I originally wrote, "bare with me" and realized that that was an invitation to undress and totally inappropriate here) as we try to fix a glitch in our software. If your comment shows up in the wrong chat room, don't complain. We're working on it!!

Welcome to the knitting chat room, already in progress...

craftynana: Yes, I prefer to use a thicker yarn for those kinds of projects.

scrappingqueen: I've never heard of anyone doing that! How do you avoid knots?

jihad596: @kahlid69-I too pray for the day that the streets are bathed in the blood of the infidels! Praise be to Allah!

craftynana: I think you're in the wrong chat room.

jihad596: This isn't, "Mostly Mujahdeen"?

scrappingqueen: No! It's a knitting room.

do_n_yo_mom: Does anybody have the new XBox 360?

jihad596: This is a knitting chat room you capitalist pig!
btw, XBox sux, PlayStation is the only way to go.

craftynana: Get out of our chat room!!

buster_cherry: @oliver_closeoff- I'm telling you. NEVER let a girl order her food. Make the choice for her. Chicks love that shit!

jihad596: @crafty-Would you use a #5 or #6 needle with that thicker yarn? One of my wives wants to know, for sure not I. Allah be praised! He will give us victory!
@buster-You are so right!

craftynana: I'd go for the #5.

oliver_closeoff: @crafty and jihad-You're crazy! Use the #6 jihad.

jihad596: It's not for me, but I'll tell my wife. BTW, blessed be the fruit of jihad.

oprah_rulz: Has anyone read Oprah's new book club selection, "Night" by Eli Weisel?

craftynana: Yes, I read it. Get your hanky out. You'll need it! Excellent book.

jihad596: Of course you fall for Oprah's zionist propaganda! She and all your American media have manifested themselves as nothing but tools of the colonialist empires!

do_n_yo_mom: Dude! How do you get more than one wife?!
btw, he said, "tool" :)



moooooog35 said...

You forgot the:

I_lyk_m_little: Do u have any pics of urself? maybe we can get ice cream some time? lol

I made that up, fyi. Not a scene from my actual chat.

Um...AN actual chat.


Da Old Man said...

What a concept. LOL

Jenn Thorson said...

Soccer Mom's mind works in strange and wily ways... :)

Frank Lee MeiDere said...

Beautiful! Smart, controlled, sophisticated. Brava!