National Holiday-I Don't Think We Get Mail Today!

I would like to step out of my crazy alter ego who is the author of this blog. This is regular Kirsten, and I'm not as funny or entertaining as the good reverend is, so be warned!

I just wanted to dedicate my post today to my son, Zackie. He turns five today and he pretty much thinks he's the shit!(and he is)  We had a great party at our house for him on saturday. Luckily, I threw the party and not that crazy ass author of this blog. There we no pimp cups or police activity involved. The only craziness was to be expected I guess. A posse of boy kindergarteners plus a lot of sugar equals not fun.(for me)  Zack didn't want to invite any girls, because girls are gross. Duh!

I also made him a Spiderman cake. I'll bet Alpha mom doesn't do that! 

I couldn't resist putting a picture up of both my kids and be one of those moms who think everyone else gives a crap about my kids and what they look like and what they're up to. So, just look at them! NOW! Adorable. I'm not biased or anything. It's just a statement of fact.

So Happy Birthday Zackie! I love you more than you could ever know! Wait a minute! Why am I writing this? He can't even read! (I'll bet alpha mom's kids played the piano and got accepted to college when they were five.) My kid's better looking, and that's what really counts. (Oooops, a little of the reverend got in there for a minute) 


TheFLy said...

Cute kids. Obviously you couldn't invite girls, isnt it mandatory to have a sign outside for five year old boy's birthday parties that says "No Girls Allowed!!" Two exclamations points is how I remember it, haha.

Happy Birthday Zack, I dont know ya but happy birthday anyway.

buzz buzz

momjeansblogger said...

@ the fly_Thanks! He was waiting for you to acknowledge his b-day!
When Zackie said no girls allowed because the are gross, I told him I was a girl! He just laughed. I'm not sure how to take it!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Happy Birthday Zackie!!!

Not only are your kids cute, but that is an awesome picture the way they're posed and everything.

When your mail resumes tomorrow, your pimp cup and other things about your blog are appearing on my blog tomorrow. Finally.

Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

A-dorable!! Happy b-day big guy!!

And you Kristen, get the coolest mom around ranking!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Happy birthday to your little guy! Your children are adorable:)

momjeansblogger said...

@nany goats-Thanks! I'm pretty sure that the mail will resume tomorrow!

@Sandy-Thanks so much!

@chupie-Thank you for your comment!

Tommy Buettner said...

Girls can't come...they have cooties!!!!

Happy birthday Zackie. Great name by the way! (My youngest is named Zack)

Mommie Mayhem said...

LOL Great pic. Happy Birthday To Your Little One !!

momjeansblogger said...

@tommy-yeah, I forgot about the cootie factor!

@mommy mahem-Thanks!!

Athena said...

Happy birthday Zackie! And your kids are adorabale!!!

MammaDawg said...

lol - with a 7-year old, I don't have the "girls are gross" problem.

Come to think of it, I don't think I ever have with either of the older 2? Yikes!

Happy Birthday Zackie!!

kittyconcerto.com said...

they ARE adorable. and girls are gross, no matter what the age. I think Alpha Mom proves that.

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Are they remote-controlling you there?

Argh, those Alpha-moms are nuts.

Kirsten said...


@mamadawg-Uh-oh! Do I have a problem?

@kitty-So true!!

@ banana- It's worse than you know!