FYI-People in the South Don't Wear Barrels for Clothes Anymore!

Where to begin! We had such a great time in Nashville and environs in the past few days! I know that may fans want to know all about what I do, so here goes...

I certainly got an education! I'm here to tell you all that not everybody south of the Mason-Dixon Line looks like this:

Believe me! It's true. I did not see one person who looked like that. No corn cob pipes, overalls or even multiple guns and moonshine jugs. I'm kind of pissed that I brought my own and for some reason people looked at me funny every time I brought it out. I guess they were jealous.

But here is a typical southern belle:

I love the outside couch with a shotgun sitting ever so appropriately right behind for all to use. 

We were visiting friends who recently moved there. We arrived late at night and I noticed that they didn't have a couch in front of their house or a commode or even a junker car on blocks. I was embarrassed for them as they obviously weren't fitting in. 

I feel sorry for them as they're just making it harder for themselves to make new friends there. Some people can be so ignorant!! I would never judge someone just because they don't understand the southern culture. 

I have so much to tell you about my trip, but my pictures aren't uploaded yet and I'm still jet lagged from the two hour time difference. I will have to continue tomorrow.


Leigh Anne said...

I had to put an old junker for sale on my lawn just to fit in around here. The sacrifices we make to be popluar in rural communities, I tell ya.

Leigh Anne said...

Oh, and I love the new Southern Belle. Eat your heart out Scarlet O'Hara

kittyconcerto.com said...

You lie. That's not a southern Belle. That's a southern BOY. I know. But either way, I now have a new monster to frighten me in my dreams. Thanks for that.

TheFLy said...

Dang, the south has changed, for the better, hmmm, you tell me, haha.

buzz buzz

The Acorn King said...

Are you sure, maybe the barrel might be reserved for their "Sunday Best?" Love the shotgun behind the couch in that one pic, because you never know.

Da Old Man said...

Do you know if the hot chick in your picture is available? The Crotchety Old Lady has been getting on in years, and I may want to "trade up."

Munch said...

Who here doesn't have some sort of gun behind their sofa? Honestly.

Chat Blanc said...

I just wanna know what type of diet and exercise I need to have a smokin' hot bod like that southern gal. Spill the secret!!

Bee said...

Gah! For a minute there, I thought the lady wasn't wearing any bottoms! I went to wash my eyes out but then I realized she was. Oh well. My eyes were going to burn either way.

Crazy Mom of 3 said...

I was just wondering if you got permission to use her image and if so how did that conversation go?

zyriana.com said...

I'm on the floor.



Kirsten said...

@leigh anne-You're a smart AND POPULAR woman!

@kittyconcerto-You're welcome! Any time I can help!

@thefly-You're so right!

@the acorn king-You do "never know"!!! As for the barrel, you might be right.

@da old man-Good luck old man! A woman like that doesn't stay single for long!


@chat blanc-She won't give up a thing! Let's just say that it takes years of work to look like that!

@bee-EWWWW! She does look kinda naked! Gross!

@crazy mom-LOL!! Let's just say I don't really walk the same anymore.

@Get up!! I don't know CPR!

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