Halloween Party Fun!

I would love any ideas you might have for my Halloween party this weekend. We're having a party for the kids and their friends and I'm trying to think of some good games. I've already come up with the traditional, "tried and true" games like:

-Bobbing for thumb tacks

-Pin the clever on the loser kid (He's coming, thank God!!)

-Trophys for the best and worst costumes. (Usually the home made ones are the worst!)

-Dwarf tossing (I'm renting them for the night and they will be dressed as li'l monsters)

-"I've Got a Secret" game. You should see their faces when I tell them there's no Santa. It's precious!

-"Ghost Hide-n-Seek", where you take the loser kid and have him hide. No one goes to look for him.

However, I would love some non-traditional, original games to play. Any suggestions?

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Random Chick said...

How about this one: "Give the hyper kid a Xanax, and Watch What Happens!"

The first one to guess how long it takes for him to pass out WINS!

Kirsten said...

@random chick-I love where you're going with that!! Luckily I have plenty of Xanax

Heinous said...

lol those sound fun. How about Marco Polo but with polo mallets? Last one standing wins.

Kirsten said...

@heinous_=-LMAO!!! That is awesome!! I knew you guys would come up with some great stuff!

kittyconcerto.com said...

I say use body paint and make your bewbies apples and play "bob for apples". Totally traditional.

Oh wait. This is a kid's party?? Ooops, my bad.

Chat Blanc said...

haha! personally I love the dwarf toss, all those eligible dwarf guys, me-ow! :P

Don said...

See which one can eat the most popcorn strings from the tree without removing the string.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

What are these kids, four? five?

Nothing like a rousing game of spin the bottle!

eve cleveland said...

Here is one that is time tested and mama approved-plus, it don't cost nothin'. It's called "There's a suprise in the bag!" All that's required is an old brown bag with somethin in it that is sure to git a start out of them buggers. Give a lil pitch then say, "Who wants to stick their hand in the bag first?!" Sound real peppy. Mouse traps work great!

Maria said...

I too love the dwarf toss..! Halloween party is a best time for fun and enjoy.

Kirsten said...

@kitty-No, that's totally appropriate!

@Chat Blanc-Yeah, they're pretty hot!

@Don-Good one! But, then I have to go to the trouble of making popcorn.

@nanny goats-That goes without saying. :)

@eve-Or should I say, EVEL genius, I love that one!!

@maria-Yes, I think the dwarf toss will be a crowd fave!

QuirkyLoon said...

I'm happy to politically correct you Madame Suck-air (my lame attempt at french accent...soccer).

They are no longer referred to as dwarves.

They are now known ONLY as Oompah-Loompahs.

Please take note and thank-you.

Have you hugged your Oompah-Loompah today?

Ooompah Loompah on board.

Dr Zibbs said...

Now that's some good ole fashion fun!

Kirsten said...

@quirkyloon-Thank you for the info! I had no idea! Sorry for the gaffe!! :)

@dr zibbs-Don't I know it!!

VE said...

Bwahaha...good ones!

You know using Bible pages to make paper-mache devils for Halloween is a great one for the religious gang...

The rat dunk-a-kid is fun. Especially when you all the rats out later for a big game of hide and seek...