The Kommisar's in Town

Here a "Best of" about one of my favorite subjects, the 1980's.
Please to enjoy!!

Let me start this off by saying that I LOVE the 80's! I read a blog called, "Diggin' the 80's" to get my fix. I put it on my "fave list" to the right, so go check it out.

Anyway, that's where I saw this video and it really took me back for a couple of reasons. The best is Falco's dancing. I guess in the eighties I was breathing in too much AquaNet and didn't realize that he was such a sucky dancer. In this video, I KNOW the director knew this and told him to pretend to be running so the viewer wouldn't focus so much on his dance stylings.

Not to put Falco down, because I am a sucky dancer myself. (I didn't go into the music business tho) However, after after a few drinks, I think I'm Michael Jackson. (in the dancing sense) I have a feeling Falco is like me, and his friends did a joke on him and got him drunk and the following video is the tragic consequence. Watch him dance and that's me at all the weddings I've been to.

UPDATE: I was so entranced by Falco's dancing that I didn't realize this song was in German until it was halfway over. : )

AND ANOTHER THING: I love how self satisfied he is when her puts his collar up. I hope his friends give him s**t for that!


TheFLy said...

Looks whos buzzing around again. ;-
) Anyway, your video has been removed it says. ANd here I was so looking forward to awkward dancing and douchebaggery of the highest quality.

buzz buzz

Nate Fakes said...

Good ol' Falco. I learned to like them a bit more (post 80's). Maybe the dancing had a lot to do with it.

nipsy said...

I hereby charge you with a false build up. I was looking forward to collar popping, big hair flowing, and all.. until the video was a no show...lol

Anyways, I'm running to check out the 80's blog you did mention.. gotta love those hair bands!!

King of New York Hacks said...

My niece LOVES the 80's, and almost pretends she lived through them, but as us older folks always respond with the name of the jacket I once wore....the 80's are Members Only LMAO !! She hates that .