Thanks to all my Quirky, Crotchety and Edge of Sanity Friends!

I come back to you a much older and wiser person. The secrets of the universe were all revealed to me the moment I turned 40. All you younger kids are ignorant fools compared to me now.

With that, I would like to honor a few excellent bloggers who took it upon themselves { : ) } to write about little old me in honor of my birthday.

The universally loved and admired blogger, Crotchety Old Man, did this most excellent post for me! I thank Joe for recognizing my incredible boozing and brawling abilities. Five points for that. These are talents for which I am very proud. I am also very proud of sharing a birthday with Gary Coleman of all people. Thanks for bringing that to the table too, Joe. Minus three points for that.

Another of my favorite humor bloggers, Quirky Loon, wrote about my favorite subject. Me! I love anyone who makes reference to reality tv, ESPECIALLY Rock of Love Bus!! Two points for the picture of Bret Michaels. She also wrote a whole song for me!! Actually, she changed the words to a great song called, The Summer of '69. Three points for creativity and for using the number 69.

Believe it or not, yet ANOTHER blogger did a post about me. If you don't already read Ettarose's blog every day, you're a loser. She starts off with four points for calling the post, Happy Birthday Cock. Thanks! I think. One point for calling me a deep thinker. (or did she?)

I have to pick a winner out of these three submissions! It's so hard, because they are all so great! I have to award Crotchety an extra 25 points for having me on his avatar and for giving me his zuchinni.

Congratulations Crotchety! You get the Entrecard credits! I have to give my other two faves, Ettarose and Quirky Loon humorblogger points. Since they are talented Humorblogger.com bloggers, they get points for that! Go check out that site, laugh your ass off and tell 'em Kirsten sent ya!

I just wanted to thank all you great commenters who wished me well! I really appreciate it!


Granny Annie said...

Oh man, is it too late to wish you well and wish you happy birthday? I want to be QCaEoS Friend and I want to know how to pronounce it. I'm on my way now to laughter.

Quirkyloon said...

I concede to the Domster!

It's been a pleasure! He did a great job as usual!

He also predicted his win. He must be psychic. Gee I think I have some questions for him that he might be able to answer for me!

Will I find that other black shoe?
What happened to Amelia Earhart?
Why must pin pricks hurt?

Gotta go, I got questions and needs me some answers!!

LOL It was fun Kirsten...again happy happy b-day girl!

tiffany1377 said...

Crap...sorry I missed this!!

Happy Birthday anyway!!

Da Old Man said...

Woohoo!!! I won.

I'm hoping you will let us in on some of your birthday weekend shenanigans.

I hope there were shenanigans.

Ann's Rants said...

Happy Birthday again, and I stole your bloggy badge widget. Thanks for the party favor!

dani c said...

Ya, they are all awesome bloggers. !!! Hope you had a lil fun on your b-day...

Chat Blanc said...

Hope your b-day was a happy one!! woot! :)

dizzblnd said...

i enjoyed all of their posts.. soooooooooo when are you going to share the wisdom to us young whippershnappers?

The Self-Deprechaun said...

Happy Birthday you hot mama!

If we are talking Chinese astrology years, I have a monkey for your cock.
I swear this is not supposed to be dirty.

ettarose said...

Kirsten, that was fun I admit, but because I loves ya I am going to say it was enough fun to last at least another year. Wouldn't you agree? Hope you enjoyed all 69 cocks.

Shinade said...

Congrats to Da Old man. It was a really good post. And WTG to the runner ups.

Oh dear I just tried to follow your blog and I have reached my limit.

So now I have to decide who to drop. Now this will be a problem.

So how does 40 feel? I hated my forties. But I am loving my 50's!!

I hope you have a grand year!:-)

I Hate Commercials said...

happy b-day

The Hawg! said...

I turn 40-years-old in June. Does it suck as much as I think it must?

I figure on going out in my front yards and yelling at kids on my 40th birthday.

"Y'all get on outta hyah!"

"You kids get outta mah yard!"

"Damn kids! There oughta be a law!"

Ought to be fun...

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