Rock of Love, the First Elimination

In anticipation of meeting Henry for the first time, the women gather in the great hall. As women will do, they start sizing each other up.

"That emo/goth chick is such a freak! I heard she's an executioner's assistant. WTF?

"I can't believe these narrow minded skanks! They're such sheep. They make fun of me because of my job. It's a great job. I get to meet the most interesting people! I mean, death is what life is really about, really."

"Finally Henry walks in and he's so HOT! The paintings don't do him justice! He is so mine. These other girls are just that........girls! He needs a real woman with real life experiences."

"Henry decides to take each one of us aside for a little one on one time. He picked me first! We totally had a connection!"

"I finally got to talk to him and we had an amazing convo. We totally have a connection! It was amazing!"

"After we all get to talk to him, we find out that one of us is being eliminated tonight! It can't be me! We so had a connection on a deep level!"

"Whatever! Henry is such a little bitch! I'm more of a woman than he can handle. He's intimidated by me. His brother was more of a man than he will ever be!"

Tune in next time for the first group date!


Jenn Thorson said...

Ah yes... Poor Cate- out in the first round. And she didn't even see it coming. (You're wonderfully crazy, Kirsten.)

Anonymous said...

So many women, so little time. Poor poor Henry. It's gotta be hard! (oops was that a Freudian slip?)


ReformingGeek said...

Oh my. What fierce competition. Whose head looks best in the portrait...er....on the platter?

Honeybell said...

Holy hell . . I don't even watch Rock of Love, but I've been waiting for this with baited breath! LMAO!