Does Mom Like You Best?

Bill, from Bill's Bayou, mused that I might have taken my toilet bike for a spin and fell in because I haven't posted for a while. I'll bet he'll feel really bad when he finds out that I had an unfortunate experience with my porta-toilet, impeding my ability to post for the past few days.

It all started on Friday afternoon when I decided to enjoy the day with a little drive through the flower fields on my contraption. I always run through the flower fields, don't you? All of a sudden, parts started falling off and it felt like I was going to crash. The rest is so disturbing and traumatic that I have blocked it all from my memory. Thanks, Bill, for making light of that situation. I hope you feel good about yourself!

Now, for the important part of my post. The awards for best caption. This is tough because I received 45 entries! Thanks to all who participated! There were so many good ones, but I have to pick just one to win.

I would like to give a few honorable mentions to some clever entries. The aforementioned Bill had some great ones. He deserves special mention for sheer numbers of entries as well. I also enjoyed captions from Jeff, Nooter (even though he made fun or me), Jenn Thorson and Shawn.

The winner has to be Bill with a few entries. He did a haiku which is always the way to my heart. I love me a funny haiku. I like to think of myself as intellectual like that. He also had a couple that made me lol, like...

Quick, Stink Boy! To the Fartmobile!


The "Team American Standard" vehicle for NASCRAP. It's driven by Dale Ripfardt.

Enough about Bill already! Anyone mentioned in this post gets the distinguished, "Mom Likes Me Best" Award.


Shawn said...

Awesome! Congrats to Bill for winning and to me for getting mentioned! It's too bizarre that I would win a badge on the same day that my Reno 911 Lt. Dangle costume came in the mail.

Thanks, Kirsten!

Anonymous said...

This picture was so disturbing on so many levels that it left me....



Congrats to Bill and all the other honorable mentions!

ReformingGeek said...

Congrats! Those were great captions.

Chat Blanc said...

awesome captions! :)

Da Old Man said...

Very awesome captions. Way to go, Bill.

Bill's Bayou said...

I saw this last night, but I didn't want to accept a win in my underwear.

Thanks, Mom!

Oh, and that thing you mentioned at my blog? I'll get on that right away...

rubbish said...

Nice one Bill.

Paul said...

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Just email me at your earliest convenience for more details, hope to hear from you soon!

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