Deep Thought of the Day

I love Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts. I thought I would make you laugh with a couple today. BTW, if you don't laugh, then get out because you don't have my sense of humor. Here's one:
"The face of a baby says it all.
Especially the mouth part."
Here's another one. You're welcome. Now take on the day!


Anonymous said...

I love Jack Handey.

His thoughts are often my thoughts too.


And boy howdy...those deep thoughts you have us today...are so true. (especially the baby one!)

Shawn said...

I once completely embarrassed myself in the bookstore (ok, more than once, but stay with me) by reading a Jack Handey book. It went from polite chuckling to can't catch my breath to tears streaming down my face to that ugly, uncontrollable snorty laughter that brings a stern look from management.(And full revoking of my Barnes n Noble discount card).

dani c said...

He rocks !!!!
Love the thoughts..too bad I can't have any myself !!

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

I love his sayings. Very funny!

rubbish said...

Guess you know what I normally think of when I tell you I thought this post was titled "deep throat of the day".
When am I going to win one these caption contests?

Dwacon® said...


feefifoto said...

I laughed. I get to stay. Yay!

Mike said...

He reminds me of me, but funnier.

Jenn Thorson said...

Ah, I loved those!

They'd made some Deep Thoughts greeting cards there for a while, so everybody I knew got one. They looked so beautifully sensitive... until you opened them.

Jeff said...

If you like his "Deep Thoughts" you should check out his articles at The New Yorker magazine. Here are two great ones:

This is no game

What I'd say to the Martians