Which Ornament is for You?

Did you know that there is pretty much a Christmas ornament for everything? No matter who you are, be comforted in the fact that there is an ornament made just for you! Let's look at some examples.

If you have an unhealthy fascination with Elvis, why not include him in your Christmas celebration with this ornament?

Not an Elvis fan? Well, surely you love guns, right?!

Maybe you're a do-it-yourself-er!

On second thought, you suck at making ornaments. It looks like it needs a shot to clear that up. Maybe you should put down the crafting supplies and have a beer.

Trying to stay on the wagon? Maybe you are a Star Wars geek who loves M&Ms!

Ornament also make great hostess gifts. I even found something for the Campbells.
Even hate mongers enjoy a little holiday levity!

There is even an ornament for those of us who enjoy the wonderful world of internal organs.

There are even ornaments that defy logic.

Last, but not least, there are discusting, offensive, abhorrent, sleazy and barf inducing ornaments like this one:


just bob said...

If I had a tree I'd go for the tailgate party ornament.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, that turkey intestine...somehow that just does NOT work for me! (As if the others do!)

Great funny!

ReformingGeek said...


M&Ms and Star Wars. What a strange mix. Now the gun.....well....maybe not. I've never seen anything like that turkey.

Azure Islands Designs said...

I've always been an Elvis fan...oops that is kind of giving my age away...what the heck, love Elvis anyway!!


Da Old Man said...

That last ornament is disgusting.

I'm a USC fan, right?

I keep forgetting who I sold out to because my alma mater didn't have a big time football program.

BTW, you forgot to mention that the Campbell family lives in New Jersey. Oy. I just assumed it was somewhere down south or in No. Dakota.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

My daughter was a fan of elvis when she was younger so we indeed have a few of those ornaments.

Nicole said...

Funny! *chuckles*

Chat Blanc said...

maybe you could make an ornament that has the internal organs pooping on the UCLA helmet. :D

King of New York Hacks said...

Would like to have one of Elvis on the Toilet. Props to da King !

Anonymous said...

You can't let up with the Nazis, can you? Geez. ;)

The Self-Deprechaun said...

I'll take the organs with a side of nazi balls and i'll wash it all down with the beer. These are fantastic!

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Where's my dildo ornament?

you don't love me, do you?

LOBO said...

Humor Blogs has totally shut down my voting based on IP. I got one vote today and got banned.

I O U one vote.

Heinous said...

I'm opting for the cooler full of beer ornament. Can I get that life sized?

Candice said...

Screw the ornaments. I decorated my 12 ft monstrosity tree with a plethora of anal beads. Pretty and functional. Score!

Eudea-Mamia said...

I'll take the gun - I'm a Texas Republican afterall. I'm going to need some protection in the coming years ;-).

And seriously, those glass balls.

I can't even type the "s" word.


Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

I'd go for the beer--I'm so glad they're in bottles not cans 'cause those cans are nasty.

Doug at Taunt Vortex said...

I always love the meta-ornaments. You know, the ones that look like little decorated Christmas trees, that you hang on the decorated Christmas tree.

It's no wonder that we're a constants source of confusion to the rest of the planet.

Ivanhoe said...

Elvis and a beer for me, please :o)

Alice said...

I soooo want the intestine ornament! Think of how it would look inbetween the crawdad and the pickle.

Have a great holiday!


Harris said...

is that tailgate party beer cooler fo' reals?

NO actual tailgater would EVER be caught dead with that (or alive)