Smackdown at the Coliseum

Since I have get to post every day this month, I have decided to give you some good old fashioned college football trash talk. My husband and I are going to a big game on Saturday. We are going to watch the USC Trojans beat a bunch of hippies from Berkeley.

Even though they suck almost as hard as UCLA, we will of course make them feel welcome to our fine institution.

Look! We can't have this guy just walk through the gates like he owns the place. He can take his petruli oil and go around the back.

Hippies aside, this should be a good game, if we win. Watch for me on tv! I'll be the one who looks like a cartoon character beating up some tree hugger. I hope I don't end up in jail this time. I got into it with these guys last year. They were trash talking and it was on! Sometimes my intermittent explosive disorder gets the best of me. But, look at them! My grandma could have kicked their collective asses!

PS-Muskrat! Are you there? Let's just see about Alabama!

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Sully Sullivan said...

Hahaha that hippie picture is unreal. I'm actually not following college ball too much these days but is a USC/Berkeley matchup like ridiculously one sided? It used to be anyhow.

Beat those hippies down.

Da Old Man said...

Yay, go Trojans!

My alma mater is Kean University in NJ. I don't even know if we have a football team, or if we do, if they actually play any games. I've never heard of them, and sure as heck never been on TV. So I have adopted your team as my favorite college team.

Trojans? Wait a minute. What the hell does their mascot look like?

Kirsten said...

@sully-Thanks for your good wishes! We are supposed to beat Cal pretty easily. I think the spread is 20 points, but we always find a way to f*%^$ those games up! That's when I have to start beating some hippie ass.

@old man-I'm so glad you're an honorary 'SC fan! Don't let those other Pac 10 losers try to get you on their side!
As far as the whole trojan thing goes, I've heard it all! Especially when we played The Beavers!

ReformingGeek said...

Yikes. Trojans, Beavers? Wow my minds going nuts. No pun intended. We have some Horned Frogs down here....doesn't conjure up much does it? Or does it?

Anyway, go team! I will look for you on TV. The animated one should really stand out.

Kirsten said...

@reforming-LOL! "nuts" you got me on that one!

April said...

You have an award! Check out my blog for the details!

Jayson Cole said...

USC? Ohhh man. Everybody will lose and my LongHorns will be back to Numero uno! Trussst that.

Kirsten said...

@April-Thanks! You're awesome!

@jayson-Oh not you din't!!! It's on Jayson with a y! :)

Metallman said...

Hey there Kirsten. Hometown 'SC is expected to put the beatdown on them loser hippies from Berkeley. Chuck a beer can at one of them for me, yeah. I won't be at the game, I'll be watching Mark Sanchez toss touchdowns all afternoon! Later!

Kirsten said...

@metallman-I knew there was a reason I liked you!

VE said...

Go Beavers! ha ha. Yes...I am from Oregon! You couldn't beat those tree huggers...perhaps you'll have better luck with local tree huggers! ;) (actually, I have no affiliation to college football teams...)

Eudea-Mamia said...

Reminds me of my straight-laced Aggies vs. those hippies from Austin - yeah, Jayson with a "y," I'm talking to you.

Would you please go easy on us this year? I haven't had a nice Thanksgiving since I graduated in '93.

Enjoy the game!!


muskrat said...

I saw a title indicative of a football post and had to come visit. I've been to the Rose Bowl and played UCLA. I watched them kick our ass on Labor Day weekend when we were preseason #3. Their fans were obnoxious, but not even in the good way SEC fans are. They were obnoxious just to be dicks, not out of inspired allegiance.

I hope the Trojans win the rest of their games and then play a nice bowl game for #3 while the Tide continues its campaign for a dark horse national title.

Kirsten said...

@ve-Don't remind me of those dang Ducks!!

@eudea-We'll go easy on ya. I know a few people!

@muskrat-I can't agree with you more! UCLA fans are assholes. :)
Cal are pretty close behind. (and I do mean BEHIND)

Lauren said...

Did you get a get outta jail free card this time?