What a day!

My little boy is sick this afternoon and, long story short, I am sitting with him watching Spongebob Squarepants. It has been a couple of hours. I might be going crazy, but it's growing on me. (I was going to call this post, "Notes on Spongebob", but then I knew that none of you would read on, so I went with the enticing, "What a day".)

Reasons why Spongebob is funny:

1. He has a pet snail named Gary

2. He is a sea sponge, (as in the invertebrate sea sponge that you can pet at the aquarium if you promise not to be a spazz - or is that just me?) yet he looks like a yellow kitchen sponge.

3. If he looses an arm or something it grows right back just like a regular sea sponge. That comes in handy for the Halloween episode, but whatevs. I won't ruin it for you.

4. He gets drunk off ice cream...

5. He looks hilarious in his underwear and he wears speedos. (I don't have any European readers, so no offense taken, right?)

6. He sings, "Chocolate Rain"


Da Old Man said...

Spongebob is awesome. Did you ever see the episode where he, Patrick, and Mr. Crabs come out of the water and get attacked by gulls?


Until very recently, I used to watch a lot of cartoons and kid oriented shows because I tutor kids, and like to have something funny to say to them from shows they watch to put them at ease. Every kid I tutored either watched Spongebob, or used to, and would mellow right out.

Dette said...

Joel loves loves LOVES SpongeBob. He went thru a phase where he'd ONLY watch "Bob" - lol.

Hope your little one is feeling better soon!

momjeansblogger said...

@da old man

I did see the one with the seagull melee. Good one, but my favorite has to be when Spongebob tries to act dumb for Patrick's parents so Patrick can look smart. He comes over with the helmet on..Love it!

Da Old Man said...

Another great episode. Loved the helmet, too. I need grandkids so I don't feel so silly watching Spongebob.

asiL said...

And here I am, The European reader! (I'm actually watching Spongebob with my daughter as Im writing this.) Belive it or not, all europeans don't like speedos ;-)
So...I'm no't offended that you think Spongebob looks funny in his speedos, because I do to. :-P But I suppose I am some what offended that u think all europeans are in love with speedos...no.. wait a minute. It turns out I dont care after all.:-D
Have a great day! And from now on u have a reader from Sweden (no..not Switzerland..Sweeeden)/Lisa

Amber said...

He get's drunk off of warm snail milk *ick!* too :)

(I have a 3 year old, I swear)

Mary said...

Oh man!! Spongebob Squarepants!! The clip you have here would be my husbands favorite!! Squidward makes the band and they play at the bubble bowl! (of course, that was said w/ the "nasaly: voice that Squidward has?