Let's Hear it for Haikus!

My daughter came home with a school project that was about haikus. That got me to thinking. So, in honor of Devin, here goes an original haiku about my day...

Stressful day with kids
Going to mom-in-law's now
Beer, whine, alcohol

Not sure how to use punctuation or if things should be capitalized or not. I'm really a haiku beginner believe it or not. ; )
If any of you have a good one to share about your day, I would love to hear it!


Spice said...

Love the haiku!!! It's perfect! So glad to have found another soccer mom too!!! :) Thanks for finding me on blogcatalog! Spice World

Two Bright Heads said...

Hi, found your blog in Fuel. Brand New blog. So so happened I wrote some haiku too yesterday. For my daughter.
Check them out! I am fueling you.