The Kommisar's in Town

Let me start this off by saying that I LOVE the 80's! I read a blog called, "Diggin' the 80's" to get my fix. I put it on my "fave list" to the right, so go check it out.

Anyway, that's where I saw this video and it really took me back for a couple of reasons. The best is Falco's dancing. I guess in the eighties I was breathing in too much AquaNet and didn't realize that he was such a sucky dancer. In this video, I KNOW the director knew this and told him to pretend to be running so the viewer wouldn't focus so much on his dance stylings.

Not to put Falco down, because I am a sucky dancer myself. (I didn't go into the music business tho) However, after after a few drinks, I think I'm Michael Jackson. (in the dancing sense) I have a feeling Falco is like me, and his friends did a joke on him and got him drunk and the following video is the tragic consequence. Watch him dance and that's me at all the weddings I've been to.

UPDATE: I was so entranced by Falco's dancing that I didn't realize this song was in German until it was halfway over. : )

AND ANOTHER THING: I love how self satisfied he is when her puts his collar up. I hope his friends give him s**t for that!


Spice said...

LOL Talk about taking you back i time! That video definitely did that and so did the word AquaNet. :) His dancing kind of reminds me of how Elaine danced on Seinfeld too. Spice World

Dette said...

Heh heh - on another note, got somethin' for ya at the Crib ;)

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha, that is HILARIOUS! I can't believe you found that. Falco definatly brings a whole new meaning to the "running man"!

Ricardipus said...

I am only slightly ashamed to say that I have the 45 RPM single of this song, backed with "Siebzehn Jahr" (sp?).

AND the After The Fire version (in English), b/w um, er, I just can't remember, maybe something like "Nodoby Else But You"?

I am this: old.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Oh my gosh! I'd forgotten about this guy! Thanks for the nostalgic turn! And as my town did not have cable in the 80s, I never saw this video before. It's awesome in it's sheer cheese quotient!

Kelly said...

Hey, I don't see the diggin' the 80's blog. Am I just missing it?