Immaturity and Parenting

Even though I am a mom and have been for seven years, I sometimes can't believe it. It's amazing to me that anyone would let my husband and me have kids. What do we know? I kept thinking that the nurses at the hospital were going to discover that I was a fraud and take my kids from me, but they didn't, luckily! 

Anyway, I suppose I thought of soccer moms as having been soccer moms for their whole lives. Just like how you see your parents. (They also never had sex and when they did it was only a couple of times in order to have kids and they didn't enjoy it at all whatsoever) I'm still sure that I'm a test tube baby, so I don't have to worry about my parents doing gross things like the rest of you sad sacks do. 

Not that I really think I'm a bad parent. I am a good parent and so is my husband, I just wonder if anyone else stops and thinks it's crazy that you're in charge of these little human beings. I sometimes feel as immature as they are. I'll still laugh at a fart joke. Fart jokes are considered sophisticated humor in kindergarten. Kids who enjoy a good fart joke also sit around watching early Woody Allen movies and watch BBC comedies like, "The Office" because Sesame Street is so pedestrian. 

I have matured some since I have become a mom. Fart jokes aside, I have stopped being crazy and doing all kinds of dumb/dangerous stuff. After all, there is a time and place for everything and that's called college. 


MamaFlo said...

I've been a Mom for 30 years now and I can tell you that the single most important personality trait to have is a sense of humor, so as for the fart jokes, keep on laughing.

The second personality trait is a sense of responsibility. You and your husband are responsible for turning out human beings that know right from wrong, are educated and kind, well mannered, have a sense of humor and duty. Raising children is an awesome responsibility but it's also one of the only things in life that if you do it right, keeps on giving back.

I loved being a Mom to my 2 children, they have filled my life with love, wonder, and joy for 30 years.
My oldest gave me my first grandchild in March and I'm getting to feel the joy without the work.


Da Old Man said...

Fart jokes are always funny. One should never outgrow them.
Sounds like you are doing a great job.

Spice said...

I've had those same exact thoughts MANY times over the past 10 1/2 years! And you're so right about college - those were the times to try new things (some stupid, some fun, others dangerous). ;) And as for fart jokes? That's my family in a nut shell! I still giggle when someone does fart!

April said...

i'm still in "mommy denial" myself!

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