Mom Likes Jules Best!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the caption contest last week. Let's get started with some honorable mentions before I crown the new, "Mom Likes Me Best" winner.

Mooooog35 with
Ten bucks says this guy gets through airport security.

Me-Me King with
Mondomango discovers lip syncing is very difficult while wearing the traditional e-coli-petri-dish.
Bill's Bayou with
In his right ear, he can hear the ocean. In his left ear, he can hear Billy Ocean.
Nooter with
click-click-dirk dressed in high style for his hot date with the new anglo aid worker krrrz-tnnn
Don with
Say hey! Me, reggae and my AK! Wurd up!
CatLadyLarew with
Bangle bracelets, shell necklace, lip disc, AK-47, iPod... what more could a girl want?

This week's winner is the very creative, Jules, with
Dear Mom and Dad,
Funny story, I met some new friends over the weekend on a yacht in the Mediterranean, and I woke up in Africa.
Those warlords are NUTS!
Anyway, I need some cash. Fast.
You can text, but please don't call. I won't be able to talk.

Thanks everyone!!!


Me-Me King said...

Hilarious, congratulations Jules!

CatLadyLarew said...

A great collection of captions this week. Way to go, Jules!