The Christmas Caption Winner! So Last Year...

I'm back! I would like to apologize to all my fan (thanks mom) for being so late in judging this ever-so-important contest. Let's get started with a look at this week's picture...

Let's see what some honorable mentions we got this time!

Bill's Bayou with
Fruitcake? I got your fruitcake!
domesticgoddess with
If I have to match my sisters again next year I will shit in your stocking...Merry fucking Christmas.
Lola with
Cindy couldn't stand Britany's swearing anymore so Britany switched to sign language.
nonamedufus with
Sally, how do you feel about all the neat gifts that Santa brought you? Sally?
The winner has to be Bill's Bayou with the funny, yet wordy
The first time on film, this was not the only time Kirsten has been seen giving this gesture. Some of the more significant moments follow:

Christmas 1973: "Kirsten, do you want to come see President Nixon read 'The Night Before Christmas'?" (see photo)

May, 1979: "Kirsten! We're all going to Baskin Robbins for sundaes. Want to come?" (see photo)

August 1984: "Kirsten, I can't believe your younger sister is getting married before you! Come congratulate her." (see photo)

June 1989: "Honey, come help your father off the toilet. He's had too much to drink." (see photo)

September 1993: "Ma'am, do you know how fast you were driving?" (see photo)

February 1998: "C'mon Honey. Let's try for child number eleven." (see photo)

June 2003: "You have to understand, we can't have your kids coming to school and chewing tobacco in P.E." (see photo)

November 2007: "Lady, please don't put your cigarettes out in the cauliflower." (see photo)

January 2010: "When's this contest going to be judged?" (see photo)
It's the "January 2010" one that got me.

I am going to be back working on my blog more this year. I hope you will come back and enjoy the hilarity!