Mom Likes Me Best Award!

Thanks to everyone who captioned this lovely pic.

Honorable mentions include:

nonamedufus with
Jethro, their first born was such a turkey that Betty-Jo and Cleetus hoped to have better luck with their next child.
Blonde Goddess with
Glenn Roy was pleased to find that Becky Lee's daddy still included the dead turkey dowry even though it was a shot gun wedding.
Single&Married with
ummm...he is checking to see if she is done yet?
(he knows the turkey isnt, duh)
mooooog35 with
Linda decides to play it safe and include both potential fathers of her baby in the picture.
and one for my mom,
She's wearing white after Labor Day?!?!?

Now for the winner of the Mom Likes Me Best Award! She happens to be one of the coolest bloggers around, Quirkyloon with the very creative,
(Alanis Morrisette voice)

"I'm red-necked, and I'm laughin,
I'm dumb, but I'm knocked up.
I'm not sure it's his baby.

"And what it all boils down to,
Is that Bubba hasn't got it figured out just yet.
Cuz he's got one hand on my belly and the other one is holding a turkey leg!"
Thanks for playing everyone!


Anonymous said...


No way no how!

Mom Likes ME Best?


Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!!

(I'm here all week. *smile*)

ReformingGeek said...

Quirky won? Sheez!


Don said...

Jeez! After I read the honorables I couldn't imagine how they could be topped, but... QL has it going on for sure. Peace out!!!

Granny Annie said...

Okay the winner and the honorable mentions deserved it. I'm still gonna keep trying and I've linked you on my blog today to try and get some more competition going.