Life Lessons

Yesterday the restraining order was lifted and I can now take Devin to soccer practice again! I really do enjoy that, because it gives me some time to myself. Oh yeah! and make up mean things to say about the other moms for this blog. 

Who am I kidding! I think up mean things about everyone! It makes me feel so much better than everyone else. It pretty much confirms my greatness!

I'm gonna talk about my son in a second and it reminds me that forgot to add a birthday song for him in my last post. So, you must click below and play my shorty's birthday song. JUST DO IT!

Anyway, back to my alone time watching my daughter practice. The only problem is that Zack hates it there and bugs me with questions about when we are going to leave and he just plain can't stay still. 

So, today I came prepared. I brought him a little chair, his own copy of People Magazine, water, some smacks and a ukulele.  That worked for about five minutes, and then he was back to his questions again! 

"Is it time to go yet?"
"I'm bored"
"I wanna go home now!"
"Why is that man walking around with only a trench coat on?"
"What's a ukulele anyway?"
Over and over and over again!! I'm busy reading about Brad and Angie's twins! I can't just drop everything and play with my child. I told him to go join a club or something. Or better yet, why not make fun of the other little sisters and brothers and break their spirits? Everyone needs something to talk to their therapist about when they're older. He would be doing them a favor.

So, the chip off the old block went over and tried to beat up one boy. (I should have mentioned that he needs to only pick on people who are smaller than he is, but I think he learned this lesson the hard way.)  Then, he started making fun of another girl's name and she ran off in tears. 

I'm so proud of my son! Good job, Zackie!!


Alice said...

Good girl! Rag mags always come first. If only Babycakes would get me a subscription. It would be much cheaper in the long run.

Da Old Man said...

A belated happy birthday to the Zackmeister.
I've found kids seem to enjoy the soccer practice more if they share a beverage with you.

Just pour a bit of vodka in his Sunny D, and he should mellow right out.

Kirsten said...


@old man-Good idea! I was thinking more along the lines of Benadryl instead of vodka.

TheFLy said...

You are such a good mother, always thinking about the things that go unnoticed. Always thinking about others.

Kirsten said...

@thefky-I know! It just comes naturally!

Anonymous said...

nothing else matters but the tiny twin saints themselves. NOTHING!

Chat Blanc said...

sounds like you've got a little rev doc protege in the making! y'all are supa fly! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday to your little pimp :)

Our first daughter is on the way and I'm sure we'll be driven insane as she grows up...my husband and I were total pains from what we hear so it will be payback time lol